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  1. Oh man episode 3 was glorious as ever. Never expected Silver Link to do such a great job.

    • Yeah, it was really great.

      Especially, crying Tomoko was so adorable! Izumi Kitta was doing great job. And I thought putting the nursing episode after the umbrella episode was a great idea, because they made a good contrast. I love Tomoko being frank only in front of Tomoki.

    • Best episode yet! I love Tomoko so much, I totally know what she’s going through.

      I also am so glad that they’re doing whatever works and switching around the chapters to make it more coherent while staying true to the manga. And I was iffy on the voice actress at first, but now she seems a perfect match and is doing a top class job.

      I am totally happy with the anime. :-)

  2. GanganJoker_cover_08

    The cover design of Gangan Joker, August 2013.

    And although this is unconfirmed information, the Watamote comic Vol.5 will be on sale on September 21, probably. A guy from Square-Enix said so in this show ↓.

    Watamote special program, “Because I’m not popular, I’ll broadcast live on NicoNico Douga alone.” #01

    Watamote special program, “Because I’m not popular, I’ll broadcast live on NicoNico Douga alone.” #02

    • As far as I can see, the anime is pretty popular in Japan, too.

      I’m not familiar with anime industry, but some Japanese fans said that the main purpose of this anime is to promote its original comics. And Watamote comics are having good sales now, especially considering Watamote is a web manga.


      *sign: “popular”

  3. The comparison of That scene of Watamote ep02 with Whisper of the Heart, by void @ NicoNico Douga

    I’ve removed dark circles under Tomoko’s eyes in the ED, by ( ̄3 ̄)の人 @ NicoNico Douga

    To hide flowing comments, click the rightmost icon on the screen.

    Introduction video of the MikuMikuDance model of Tomoko, by まめる @ NicoNico Douga

  4. Watamote_chapter_045

    Chapter 45 is out.

    Tomoko: “Well then… why don’t I go to my brother’s room and tell him a lie…?”


    These are cover designs of OP and ED CDs. From left to right, OP limited edition, OP normal edition, and ED.

  5. What did you think of the second episode of the Watamote anime?

    I thought it was good. Especially that Ghibli scene, riding a bicycle with Hatsusiba (otaku guy) was more hilarious than original manga. Moreover, his VA was Tomokazu Sugita.

    And the new ED, I was totally confused when I watched it for the first time. I don’t mean I hated it, but its lyrics are as awful as its music. Tomoko riding on a swan boat alone was cute, though. Yeah, the ED was also hilarious.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the next episode!

    • It was great. There were a lot of really cute moments. I think my favorite one was when Tomoko was pretending those two people from the baseball team were talking about sex.

    • Unfortunately, those of us who don’t know Japanese have to wait for the fansubs to come out in a day or two. :-(

    • I really, really liked it. The ending was even better done than in manga, since you get the double disappointment of Yuu’s boyfriend and the drawing not being special.

      I thought the lyrics of the ending song were fine, it was cool having something different to show how angry and jealous Tomoko was. Perhaps they sounded worse in Japanese, have you watched any fan subs to see what the translations are like?

    • That’s cool, I don’t watch anime apart from Watamote, there must have been many more reference that I’ve missed :P

  6. Izumi Kitta, the VA of Tomoko and Shin Oonuma, the director of the Watamote anime will appear on the special stage program of the Wonder Festival 2013 as guests.

  7. Watamote_Number_girl

    Interview with Tanigawa Nico @ Akiba Blog

    source URL:http://blog.livedoor.jp/geek/archives/51402062.html (Japanese)

    About Watamote

    Q. Is there any model for Tomoko?
    Writer: “We both are in Tomoko, a little.”
    Artist: “For her design, there is no model.”

    Q. Someday, Tomoko will get a boyfriend?
    Writer: “I don’t know yet!”
    Artist: “S…Someday? She will? Maybe?”

    About the author him/herself.

    Q. What is your favorite food?
    Writer: “Curry and rice!”
    Artist: “Potatoes. French fries and so on.”

    Q. What is your hobby?
    Writer: “Internet and reading manga.”
    Artist: “Daytime nap…”

    Q. If you could take a week off, what would you do?
    Writer: “I wanna buy a TV game and play it throughout the week.”
    Artist: “I wanna sleep…”

    Q. (I feel kinda sorry for her because she is serious…) Well… What place do you like? Favorite town or theme park?
    Writer: “I love my home.”
    Artist: “I love my home.”

    Q. Wonderful! That’s the author of Watamote! In the end, please give a message to readers!
    Writer & Artist: “Number Girl Vol.1 is on sale, please read it. And the Watamote anime is being broadcast, please watch it, too.”

    • Haha, from their answers you can definitely see where they got Tomoko’s character from.

    • >Q. Someday, Tomoko will get a boyfriend?
      >Writer: “I don’t know yet!”
      >Artist: “S…Someday? She will? Maybe?”

      Oh, I hope so. That would be the best. It would make all her suffering worth it.

    • Thanks. I always like seeing what the Japanese fans have to say about Watamote. What did you think of the first episode? I loved it.

      • Of course, I loved it, too. The more I watch it, the more I love it. Especially ED is too cute! I will watch it everyday until next week.

        • Even though I like it, I’m avoiding listening to it again so it’ll be more fresh when I see the next episode. Ah, the tribulations of being a fan of a TV show.

    • I think they really did well with the anime so far. The first episode was spot on! I really didn’t expect anything near this quality, I thought it was going to be a poorly animated 5 minutes per episode thing. It turned out to be really good. They really nailed the delusional attitude and raspy voice of the MC.

    • I have to agree with the other comments, I really loved the episode, even though it brings back the depressing feelings I had when reading the comic for the first time.

      I had a look at the response on 4chan and they seem to like it, but people there seem to have strange views about life…

  8. Congratulations on your anime airing!

    Pay no mind to /a/’s shit flinging about it as it is the fate of anything that has gained too much popularity in the west.

    Anyway, again, congratulations and hope it turns out well for you.

    • This isn’t the creator/manga-ka’s website. It’s a fan site.

    • Thank you for your kindness. But I’m just a fan of Watamote as he says. You can send your message to Tanigawa Nico via Twitter.


      Perhaps, this site is confusing to people overseas. So I have changed header message of this site.

      And let’s share the excitement of the anime, if you don’t mind.

  9. Tanigawa Nico: “At last, tonight… Kiniro Mosaic and High School DxD.”

    @G3_893: “An interesting anime named ‘It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!’ is also going to start tonight!”

    Tanigawa Nico: “I think those light novel things are enough already.”

    And you can see some screen captures of the episode 1 of the Watamote anime before airing.



    • That’s wonderful!! I love English dubbed versions of anime. It is fun to watch anime in English.

      I wonder if Tanigawa Nico knows that. They seem not to know even about the English version of Watamote manga by Yen Press yet.

      Tanigawa Nico: “It’s kinda funny when it is in English. via.me/-d2g4twe

      @usagicweb: “Just one panel, but English Watamote is interesting. I wonder if I can get the book in Japan…”

      Tanigawa Nico: “It’s not a book. It seems you can read (fan translation) on the Internet. I think if there were (official) translation, they wouldn’t use words like ‘fuck’. (Tanigawa Nico is implying he/she wants them to use those words.)

    • Took them long enough to announce it. I was starting to get worried about it.

    • That’s great! I wish I could watch English subbed version of the Watamote anime, too.

      Thank you for sharing information!!

  10. Chapter 44 is out.


    Tomoko: “I’m bored.”

    And this is a picture of special presents for readers this month. The left is Watamote original headphones! What a cheap design! Weats by Wre? I really want it.


      • Gangan Online conducts a questionnaire for readers and some questionees win prizes in a lottery every week.

        And from this month to September, there are original goods of Watamote and Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku as special prizes.

    • Did you like chapter 44? I thought it was really nice. I hope the new guy becomes a recurring character, he seems like a good friend for Tomoko.

      • I love chapter 44. Although Tomoko is always adorable, she is more adorable when she seems having fun. And definitely he can be her good friend. But I think he won’t appear again.

        I cannot explain well in English though. There is a Japanese word “一期一会 (ichigo-ichie)”, which approximately means “You must treasure every encounter as it can be the last time in your life.” From this point of view, she needs a lot of encounters and partings to grow.

  11. Hello and thank you for this wonderful website! Not sure if you can answer me, but I am curious why Watamote Anthology got such weak reviews.

    Did they hate it?

    • Hello and you are welcome.

      Anthology comics usually get weak reviews by original fans. So I don’t think they actually hated it. One of them says, “there is no episode that exceeds readers’ expectation.” I think he has a point.

  12. Just wanted to tell the owner of this website that you are awesome! Thanks for doing such good work.

    • It’s my pleasure. I’m really enjoying sharing the excitement with you guys.

      5days and some hours to the first broadcast, I can’t wait for it already!