Japanese fans’ reaction to the first episode of the Watamote anime

I translated some posts of one of futaba’s watamote threads. I think there are a lot of mistranslations though, please never mind.

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無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:02:54 No.204472637
No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!
At last, it’s going to be airing! It’s time for Mojo!

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:26:13 No.204474990
It’s boring and there is no sense of sickness.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:30:09 No.204475348
I thought it was pretty good.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:30:43 No.204475394
You are crying with emotion and cannot watch TV screen, right?

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:34:37 No.204475744
I haven’t read the manga yet, but it was kinda good.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:35:19 No.204475812
Mokocchi was just cute. So I couldn’t feel her misery.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:35:50 No.204475858
I haven’t read the manga yet, but I will watch the next episode.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:36:41 No.204475936
To be honest, this is the most interesting in this season.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:37:27 No.204476005
I will continue to watch if they can keep this quality.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:39:06 No.204476163
It was good, except for OP.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:40:46 No.204476306
It was not bad. But I cannot say it was good.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:50:21 No.204477138
There are not so many bad reviews here.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)02:53:43 No.204477455
>There are not so many bad reviews here.

This anime is not so popular and expected. So people just gave it a passing grade.
I think it is in upper class of this season, though.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)03:37:00 No.204480682
It was interesting. At the same time, I felt pain while watching it.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)03:38:28 No.204480774
>I felt pain while watching it
So… you are also Mokocchi, right?

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)03:41:26 No.204480949
Mokocchi is, so to speak, a female version of me!

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)03:45:25 No.204481199
>Mokocchi is, so to speak, a female version of me!

You are not as cute as Mokocchi, quit it already.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)03:49:11 No.204481409
At least, I was not disappointed.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)04:00:04 No.204481989
I have recorded the anime and I’m watching ED again and again.
Mokocchi’s hand clap is so cute. AHhh…I wanna rape her.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)04:03:10 No.204482128
I watched it and it was not bad.
I’m looking forward to the episode of the voice actor.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)04:33:21 No.204483404


His name field… “a villager” ? LOL

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)04:57:56 No.204484303
I wonder what part you guys think is interesting.
sympathy or material for your reflection?
Or just watching pitiful animal?

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)05:00:55 No.204484416
>I wonder what part you guys think is interesting.

I feel sympathy for Mokocchi.
I enjoy it while thinking I’m also like her.

無念 Name としあき 13/07/09(火)05:11:17 No.204484812
>I wonder what part you guys think is interesting.

It is interesting because Mokocchi’s behaviors are beyond my expectation.

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