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15 thoughts on “Related goods of Watamote

  1. What is an anthology exactly? I’ve seen a few different artists releasing one but I have no idea what the thing is.

    • >I’ve seen a few different artists releasing one

      I think that’s the anthology.

  2. Very helpful information. Thank You(Japanese looks really confusing, though i’m of Japanese descent I only know English and French -_-)

  3. I also found these items on AmiAmi (apart from the comics) and it seems to be the cheapest shop, should I post the links for them here?

    • I couldn’t find those items at Amazon. So I cannot use pictures of them to make links.

      Anyway, thank you for information! And I’ve added links to each item available at CDJapan.

    • Wow, that’s news to me.

      According to the description, it has a exclusive radio recording and the data from the first to the sixth radio shows.

      Thank you for your cooperation!