Internet radio show Tanigawa Ikko appeared, Part 2

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Translation Note:

This is an English translation of the Internet radio show that Tanigawa Ikko, the writer of Watamote, appeared in. You may think you don’t get what they are saying sometimes. Don’t worry. I guess lots of Japanese fans think so, too.

Ikko = Tanigawa Ikko, the writer of Watamote

MP = the main personality, Matsumoto Seiji, the drummer of the music band, the telephones. He has been a big fan of Watamote for a long time.

AP = the assistant personality, Mizuki Tama aka Kitamura Hitomi.

Director = the director of the show. I don’t know who he is.

Japanese Transcript is on the bottom.

The first half of this translation is here.

You might want to save these translations by yourself because I might delete these posts due to copyright issues.

AP: Today’s guest is, continuing from last week, the writer of “No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!”, Tanigawa Nico-san.

MP: Thank you for coming.

Ikko: I’m Tanigawa Ni…ko… Nice to meet you.

MP: You were about to say “Nico”. You said “Nikko” actually. Although your pen name is Tanigawa Nico, I think we call you Ikko tonight. Well, shall we have a toast now? Excuse us. Cheers!

AP: Cheers.

MP: I still feel nervous.

AP: I vaguely feel your tension all the time.

MP: If you say you feel nervous in front of someone, I guess he can only say “I see” or something. I will read some mails the fans sent. Lots of mails have come in the short time. I want to ask this question, too, from Tetsunro-san. “I have a question for you. I heard you held autograph-signing sessions before. Do you have a plan to hold it again? And please tell us your impression of the sessions. I enjoy your manga every time and I’m looking for its updates. Please take care of yourself.” Thank you. About the autograph-signing sessions.

Ikko: Let me see. If the Lottes offer me a collaboration again. I think the collaboration was good. In our first autograph-signing session, the fans were waiting for the artist signing and it was painful for me because the space was quiet. I thought I should not make the fans wait or something like that.

MP: But you can do nothing but waiting.

Ikko: In the autograph-signing session with the Lottes. The fans could watch the baseball game while waiting.

MP: I see. They had something to watch.

Ikko: That’s right. The space was noisy and I didn’t have to feel pressed.

MP: The fans are standing in front of you while waiting. But they can talk to you in the time.

Ikko: About an autograph-signing session. At the art exhibition, they asked us if we held one or not.

MP: I’m sure you could hold it during the exhibition. But you did not.

Ikko: You are right. So we drew signed books instead of holding an autograph-signing session.

MP: You cut off contacts with your fans. But this episode seems just like you. You cannot have contacts with your fans so many times when you don’t hold such a session.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: If you think so. Is there something good or interesting when you held the sessions.

Ikko: I wonder… I really felt sorry for the fans at our first autograph-signing session.

MP: You wore cat masks at the session, right?

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: I think it is really surreal. Both of you wore a cat mask because you felt kinda embarrassed. So you were waiting for your fans with cat masks. That is really surreal. The artist were drawing illustrations and fans were waiting it in front of you.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: What were you doing? What did you feel while wearing the mask.

Ikko: Well… I just kept silence. I had poor visibility with the mask and I could hardly saw upside.

MP: You had a trouble when you wanted to look upside.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: Didn’t an ardent fan talk to you?

Ikko: I cannot reply skillfully to a talk like that.

MP: It’s not because you don’t like it. You just don’t know what you should do.

Ikko: That’s right. I wish I could do a chit-chat. Some fans are coming from really far away.

MP: By the way, do you like baseball in the first place?

Ikko: Well, yes I do.

MP: You like baseball? Did you play when you were a student?

Ikko: No, I didn’t. I just like watching baseball.

MP: Do you go to a ballpark?

Ikko: Sometimes, when I have a time.

MP: When you have a time. You are kinda active more than I expected. You often go to a ballpark.

Ikko: Well, I just go to watch baseball games. The supporters shout for the Lottes at the bleacher seats and I don’t do it.

MP: You don’t sing fight songs for the players.

Ikko: No, I don’t.

MP: Each player has his fight song. You drew them in your manga and I think you know baseball in detail, episodes of the players for instance. You seem a legit fan of baseball. Do you like the Lottes?

Ikko: I can go to its ballpark about 10 minutes by bike.

MP: Your home town team.

Ikko: I became curious when the ballpark was such handy.

MP: About 10 minutes by bike.

Ikko: My home town is Ibaraki prefecture. But I pretty much live in our atelier these days.

MP: I see. I see. So you go to Marine Stadium.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: Wow, you go to Marine Stadium. But I went there only for music lives and I’ve not watched baseball games there. Now they call it Zozo Marine Stadium. Well, I thought your knowledge about baseball is from TV or something. But you actually go to the stadium.

Ikko: I don’t go there so often. I hear TV sound while working.

MP: I see. Is it TV or radio?

Ikko: It’s TV.

MP: Don’t you come to watch TV without realizing?

Ikko: Yes, I do. So it’s possible that my work is delayed because of that.

MP: Oh, no no no. I shouldn’t bring up this topic. But a breather is essential to keep your motivation. Your work never be delayed by that. It’s no exaggeration to say it makes your work faster. Let me see… this pen name is kinda unique, ‘Katou-san is my mom’-san, thank you for the mail. “Watamote has changed 180-degree from the loner story to the story of teenage ensemble casts. When did you decide to make the change? I want to know if you don’t mind. I love Katou-san.” This person loves big sister characters. You said you didn’t have a plan to make the change and it gradually happened. You also said you had a plan to change just a little.

Ikko: I thought I would add some new characters. Before the change, I had added the new character from Tomomote and I wanted to add a few characters from that time.

MP: A few is a lot for Watamote. So you added three new characters at the school-trip arc.

Ikko: That’s right. I thought I would increase new characters at the rate.

MP: It seems 1/3 of Tomoko’s classmates are her friends now.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: I mean. I’m curious when the miracle that a loner becomes popular happens. But it’s not to say that the story makes no sense. The change happened, not forcedly, because the main character’s personality was really unique and it changed people around her. It happened slowly and gradually, not suddenly. So it was kinda natural. Do you think there are too many characters now by any chance?

Ikko: I wonder.

MP: You often add background episodes to each character as the story goes. I think it’s tough to work out the episodes one by one.

Ikko: Let me see. Well, it’s kinda tough. But I don’t care so much. So I just let it be.

MP: That’s amazing. “Everything’s gonna be alright”, I see. So “Let it be”, I feel you have a big heart. The fans’ questions are interesting. I don’t know his/her name, T.I.-san. Thank you. “I love Nemo and I want to ask about her. When did you make her character setting that she is an otaku. I want to know the episode about why she want to be a voice actress, too. I’m curous if you have a plan to publish a new fan book that includes detailed info such as when you made the character settings of Tomoko’s classmates. I want you to continue drawing Watamote after Tomoko graduates.” Speaking of Nemo, she met Tomoko before they entered their school. There is a character named Nemoto-san and she is genial. This might be a rough explanation, she is genial and not evil-minded. She had hid her hobbies that she likes anime and voice actors. Did you make the settings long time ago?

Ikko: I made the settings in the early chapters. But I just made them and didn’t have a plan to use.

MP: It was OK if you didn’t use them.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: You thought like, “The characters increased, so I’ll use some settings I made before.”

Ikko: That’s right. Her hair style looked like anime characters.

MP: Her hair style is twin tails. Do you have a talk with the artist about character designs?

Ikko: Yes. About her settings, the artist had made them when she drew her.

MP: Oh, is that right? So not only the writer but also the artist made character settings?

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: Wow, that kind of thing happens. That’s interesting. I thought you made all of them basically. Like a composer and a player, I thought you two had such a relationship. Didn’t you have a discussion about character settings beforehand?

Ikko: I guess we didn’t. The artist roughly makes settings of all characters when she draws. So I sometimes pick them up.

MP: I see. You need to know their personality when you decide their hair style. I see. I see. This is kinda good episode. Nemo’s episode was about her career counseling. And the teacher exposed it. What a teacher she is! The teacher is crazy, right? I would hate her if she was real. Was there a teacher like her when you were a student?

Ikko: I didn’t hate him so much. When I was in high-school, a teacher friendly with delinquents had a biased view of me because I was tame and gloomy.

MP: So you hated him a little. I understand that. It’s OK if you have a biased view of me, but it doesn’t mean I like it. We are individuals. Teachers friendly with delinquents, who think they know students well. You don’t! I’m a person who has a little grudge against the world.

AP: Lots of PE teachers are like that.

MP: That’s right. They are annoying. This is my personal episode, I was bullied when I was in middle-school. I did nothing wrong. But when a poster in school was torn, a PE teacher said to me I did it. I said I did not but he took me to the PE teachers’ room outside the school building. We were alone and he said he knew a student who witnessed I was doing. He said “Say something” and I said I didn’t know about that. I’m sure that a delinquent tore the poster just for fun and when it became a problem he probably said I did to the teacher. So the teacher said he heard from a student who saw the scene to me. He blamed me even though he himself didn’t saw. I thought “It was not your opinion because the witness influenced you too much.” It’s embarrassing but I cried. He said I could not go home unless I admit I did. That was horrible. So I have a distorted view of PE teachers who think they know students, especially delinquents. I really hate them. I don’t mean the teacher in the manga. I don’t think so. But “Let’s live friendly and openly with everyone”, something like that. You cannot live so easily in this world. It was happy if we could share. But I think her insensitiveness that she exposed student’s secret to everyone is crazy. But I kinda understand. There were teachers like her. So I thought there was a teacher like her when you were a student. Wasn’t there?

Ikko: I think Ogino is better than them because she cares for every students. The teachers you mentioned don’t care for students like us.

MP: I see. They really are partial. We are talking about our grudge when we were students, not manga. But Ogino is actually a troublemaker. She made some changes in the story. She made Tomoko’s school-trip group forcedly. She said she prepared Nemo’s university guides in front of classmates. You should not do such thing but she did. I’m now wondering if she makes progress of the story. Oh, no. We almost run out of time. I still have lots of question for you. I want to ask this. What is your favorite episode you drew, not only in Watamote.

Ikko: When we drew the episode to cheering the Lottes, I drew it really easily without any trouble.

MP: Like a piece of cake?

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: Can you call it your favorite?

Ikko: Yes, I can.

MP: You really love the Lottes.

Ikko: I wonder. The Lottes lost too many games last year and I quit watching their games in June or July.

MP: You got angry because they were too weak. But you watch their games earnestly. Let me see… Which question I should pick. Please wait a little. I found it. I wanted to ask this question. This fan didn’t write his/her name, either. “You are a manga duo of a male and a female. Do you have a episode that you utilized the difference in gender in your manga?

Ikko: I wonder. In detailed depictions, such as characters’ words and actions.

MP: In Watamote, almost all characters are female. The brother is the only male character?

Ikko: There are some in background.

MP: Well, with glasses. Oh, I forgot his name. Sorry. Him.

Ikko: He is Kiyota.

MP: That’s right. He seems kinda cool. Aside from male characters, how do you make a story with lots of female characters.

Ikko: The artist sometimes says “this character doesn’t say such a word.”

MP: She says real women don’t talk like that?

Ikko: That’s right. And I sometimes change the line and sometimes I don’t change.

MP: But the main character often says dirty words casually. She made her friend wear tight clothes and said “I’m getting really turned on.” I think a real girl doesn’t say such a word. I see. You think Tomoko says those words even if she is a girl.

Ikko: I wonder. The artist says nothing about dirty jokes. I think she just ignores them.

MP: I see. But a feminine character, like Katou-san, the artist is likely to care about her words.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: So you are really a manga duo equally. Thanks to you, lots of mails have come and it means lots of fans are listening now. So I still feel nervous in front of you. We have almost finished this recording. I kept feeling nervous not only because of Sensei but also because of the listeners. I noticed it just now. So please go easy on me, everyone. By the way, maybe you cannot answer this question. At the graduation, will the story be settled nicely by any chance?

Ikko: At the graduation?

MP: What will happen after she graduates.

Ikko: I see… I guess so. I wonder.

MP: I’m wondering. The story might continue at university while she is still unpopular among boys. I want to read a story someone made a boyfriend. That’s awesome. The girl made a boyfriend? Like that… Let’s stop.

AP: It’s time to end this show. Please announce anything if you have want to say.

MP: We talked lots of things this week. Do you have anything important to say? Please look forward to updates of new chapters?

Ikko: No, I have nothing special to say.

MP: OK then, please check Tanigawa Nico-sensei’s official twitter and the web site of the manga. And stay healthy. This is the most important thing, you know? Thank you for listening!

Ikko: Thank you.

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MP「そんなすごい、Everything’s gonna be alright と、そういうことですねだから Let it be と、なすがままにと。すごい広い精神な感じがしますね。みなさん結構質問が面白いですね。この方は名前はわからないですけど T.I. さんですかね。T.I. さんありがとうございます。ネモが大好きなのでネモについて質問です。彼女がオタクという設定はいつからあったのかと、また声優になろうと思ったきっかけを教えてくださいという、クラスメートの設定はいつつくったのかファンブックなどで詳しい設定を公開する予定があるのかも気になりますと、大学に行っても続けてほしいですとという事だそうですけども。確かにあの子は意外とエピソードがでてくると入学前から関わってるわけじゃないですか。根元さんっていうキャラクターがいて、いわゆる明るい、言い方が雑かも知んないですけど明るいキャラでそんな毒なタイプじゃないですけど、アニメ好きとか声優好きを隠してる子だったんですけど、それは前から考えてたんですか」