Internet radio show Tanigawa Ikko appeared, Part 1

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Translation Note:

This is an English translation of the Internet radio show that Tanigawa Ikko, the writer of Watamote, appeared. You may not get what they are saying sometimes. Don’t worry. I guess they themselves didn’t know what they were saying in Japanese because they got nervous.

Ikko = Tanigawa Ikko, the writer of Watamote

MP = the main personality, Matsumoto Seiji, the drummer of the music band, the telephones. He has been a big fan of Watamote for a long time.

AP = the assistant personality, Mizuki Tama aka Kitamura Hitomi.

Director = the director of the show. I don’t know who he is.

Japanese Transcript is on the bottom.

The second half of this translation is here.

You might want to save these translations by yourself because I might delete these posts due to copyright issues.

AP: Today’s guest is, the writer of “No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!”, Tanigawa Nico-san.

MP: Thank you for coming.

Ikko: Nice to meet you. Well, I’m the writer, our pen name is Tanigawa Nico, but please call me Ikko or something as you like.

MP: Oh, how should I call you in this show? You prefer to be called Ikko?

Ikko: Well, call me Ikko then. Though I hardly use the name.

MP: It’s kinda surprising that Niko becomes Ikko when you are alone.

Ikko: Yeah, I came up with the name just for convenience sake.

MP: For convenience sake. I see. You finally have come here. I’m a pure fan of yours. You came here, because I repeatedly invited you. Thank you so much for coming.

AP: Thank you so much.

MP: To break the ice, shall we have a toast? Excuse us. Just a little bit. Cheers!

AP: You drink it up fast. Really fast.

MP: I guess I was thirsty. Well, I kinda have to ease my nerves, to speak today.

AP: Because you’ll get nervous in front of him.

MP: Really, really thank you for coming. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I AM your fan. At first, I had not checked GanGan Online. I visited a bookstore around when volume 1 was published and I found a free sample of Watamote. It grabbed my heart. It was really awesome and I bought it. Then I found the GanGan Online web site and I started checking it for new chapters. And I ended up buying the anime disks. Still, you surprised me. You came to my band’s live show, the telephones.

Ikko: Thank you for inviting us.

MP: I invited you, asking if you OK wanted to come. And you said, “We are coming, then.” Of course I sent the invitation for you. It held in Nippon Budokan. So lots of guests, our friends and media and so on, visited the live and I had to greet everyone and they made a long waiting line. I wondered how to deal it and I could not recognize you when I saw you. And you introduced yourselves and I kinda screamed. Because just a fan like me could not see your face basically.

AP: A manga fan cannot meet artists in general.

MP: I began to brag about your appearance to my band members and you kindly accepted such an annoyance. And we ate dinner together afterwards. Yeah, although you were busy. I didn’t know which restaurant was the best for you, whether you drank alcohol or not, what kind of food you preferred, foods you disliked, or allergies you had. But you said anything was OK.

AP: * sneezing *

MP: What? What happened in this timing?

AP: Excuse me. I’m sorry.

MP: When I invited you, you told me some precautions that they might happen. I mean, you told me you were not good at conversations and you might not able to speak well. I just could not imagine how little you speak. Yeah, when I read Watamote, I mean, I felt that you might seldom speak. And you really, you spoke only “Yes, well, yeah”, something like that. I was kinda prepared and I wondered how to speak with you. On the contrary, you looked like the character in your manga. Did you make a self-insert in your manga? Or not?

Ikko: Well, I wonder… I made a little, I guess?

MP: About character settings, especially in Watamote, what is the most important in the manga?

Ikko: I wonder, I guess I might end up with just saying “I wonder”. I don’t know why, but I cannot answer properly every time.

MP: Well, you have an interesting idea at first and then you make it into manga gradually, right?

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: I want to know the idea at the first step, like this character is fun, or the story you want to draw.

Ikko: I see. At first, I thought we would not draw so many conversations between characters and Tomoko would not make any friend.

MP: And we watch over Tomoko like that.

Ikko: Yes, I would make Watamote the manga that Tomoko went on by herself.

MP: But volume 15 is on sale now and Tomoko’s world had made sudden change around volume 10.

Ikko: That’s right. Yes.

MP: However, Tomoko herself, her mentality or characteristics, something like that, I feel they have not changed so much.

Ikko: Yes.

MP: Lots of people started to talk to her.

Ikko: Yes.

MP: I wonder the reason why you made the change like that.

Ikko: I wonder… I didn’t have a plan to make the change. The change gradually happened as we were drawing the manga.

MP: Gradually.

Ikko: A little, just a little, I had a plan to change. But the characters increased more than I expected.

MP: To be honest, do you have any trouble with that by any chance?

Ikko: I myself am not troubled so much. The artist says that it’s a little troublesome to draw because there are lots of characters now.

MP: Troublesome to draw. I see. You have to change hair style by each girl to make them distinguishing.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: I understand that it’s troublesome. Well, Watamote has lots of dirty jokes and, I mean, the jokes making fun of Chuunibyous a little. I wondered if it was okay to make fun of them, reading the manga. I mean, you cannot make fun of them that easily. Because they seem like such serious people. They are hard to get along with. I think it would be funny to make fun of them. But they are too serious and hard to make fun of. But in the manga, when you make fun of them, you see that they do get embarrassed or angry. If you make fun of chuunibyous like this virtually, you can have so much fun. Sort of. I imagine I’d have fun trying to mock those people, maybe someday. Well, I cannot say anything because I myself am a little Chuunibyou. Lots of mails have come. Of course, thanks to you retweeting on Twitter. I want to read some of them at times. I think this question for you is really good, from the radio name, Komoto Meiko-san.

Director: Thank you.

MP: Thank you. That’s right. I’ve not got used to reading mails and forgot to express my gratitude. The director said it instead of me. Well, after Kitta Izumi-san voiced Tomoko, did she make any change?

Ikko: Oh, I wonder.

MP: You drew her in a normal way at first and then someone voiced and added her with living atmosphere. Did you get any new idea from them?

Ikko: Well, I kind of put in one joke in there, where another character said Tomoko’s voice was high or something like that. I casually imagined that’d be her voice when it was described in the manga.

MP: I see. I see. So you made fun of the anime a little?

Ikko: I didn’t have an image of her voice before the anime.

MP: I don’t well know about the anime voicing. Were you consulted about the cast in the anime?

Ikko: Yes. We held an audition.

MP: Did you go to the audition?

Ikko: Yes, I did.

MP: Wow, how about the atmosphere in the audition? What did you do with them?

Ikko: Well, lots of people were listening to their voices. They had the script and were recorded. Then afterward, we kind of made notes about which ones were good.

MP: I see. I guess it was difficult to choice. On what kind of basis you choose the cast. I don’t know if I can ask it. You thought this person was good and that person was bad in the audition.

Ikko: Well, let me see, I wonder, I did not choose voices that didn’t have much character.

MP: It was not good when they were only good at reading.

Ikko: That’s right.

MP: Speaking of characteristics, Kitta-san’s voice has a strong character.

Ikko: Yes.

MP: Well, I don’t know what kind of question this is. But it’s funny. I don’t know if I can read this name or not. I guess this is a real name. “I have a question to ask Tanigawa Nico-sensei. What kind of food do you eat when you eat out?” What is this?

AP: I guess they just want to know.

MP: When you get hungry and want to eat something, what kind of food comes up in your mind?

Ikko: I wonder. We go to a restaurant where there’s like an all-you-can-eat salad bar once a week.

MP: Do you like salad?

Ikko: No, we think we eat a week worth salad there.

MP: You eat them for nutrition purpose.

Ikko: The artist and I go to eat salad before we start work before the deadlines.

MP: I see. Do you have different tastes in food?

Ikko: I wonder. The artist says she doesn’t like meat.

MP: Well, she seems like that. She doesn’t like meat. I wonder how she draws the art to fit your aggressive jokes.

Ikko: She said she can eat now. It seems she doesn’t like fat of meat so much.

MP: I see. Lots of fans sent mails. Can I read a question about your works other than Watamote? From the radio name, Kikaizoku-san, thank you for the mail. “I enjoy your work every time. I don’t know I can ask a question like this here.” I myself want to know, too. “The library committee chair person, in Kuzu to Megane to Bungakushojo, have you decided her name?” She was not called her name in the manga. “May I have her name?” This fan has made a decision to ask this when he/she has an opportunity. He/she says it’s OK if you don’t want to answer. Does she have a name?

Ikko: I decided her name in the middle of the serialization. But I didn’t get any chance to reveal.

MP: I guess it’s natural that they did not call her name.

Ikko: It was too late to reveal her name and I quit to try.

MP: Wow, you just quit. She had a strong character and you didn’t reveal her name till the end. But the manga was really fun to read.

Director: So, what’s her name then?

MP: Can you tell us now?

Ikko: I wonder. It’s not a secret or something like that. But kinda embarrassing, her real name or something, I feel kinda embarrassed to name them.

MP: But, you have to make names of your characters.

Ikko: Yes, I feel kinda embarrassed when I say the title of new manga, too.

MP: I understand a little. When I write a song, I name it on a whim. From the date I made it, or the artist’s name who inspired me, or something. If I have a reasonable meaning, it’s kinda embarrassing to tell it to people openly. And when I don’t have any meaning and they ask about it, I cannot say anything because I don’t have any reason. Well, but you already decided her name. Although I’m kinda sorry for Kikaizoku-san, please tell me after this recording finished.

Ikko: I don’t know this is OK or not. I want to say I’ve decided it even if I have not.

MP: So you used the technique just now?

Ikko: I’d rather keep it a secret. I think other manga artists do the same thing. They say they have decided the last of their manga and I sometimes think that they actually have not.

MP: We have exactly the same question. Have you decided the last of Watamote? Would you rather keep it a secret, too?

Ikko: I’ve said manga artists say they have decided even if they have not. So I would say I have when I am asked the same question. But I really have not yet because the plot has changed from the early chapters.

MP: So you had decided the last of Watamote somehow, around volume 5 or 6 for example?

Ikko: Yes.

MP: Now the manga is kinda multi-ending. Tomoko’s future would be different when you chose a different way. I want to know that, I really want. And about the art exhibition. There are many manga manuscripts in the exhibition. What was the most tough thing when you prepared.

Ikko: Drawing illustrated and signed books.

MP: I went to the exhibition and gave them up when I saw the long waiting line for entrance. At first we gathered in the morning, they handed out numbered tickets and we drew the lottery for the books. I thought there were so many people because it was weekend. So I came back on a weekday and there was a long line again. I thought I didn’t have enough passion to get a signed book and enjoyed the exhibition safely. Can’t you say how many signed books you draw? It’s a lottery after all. So you cannot. You drew so many books that you thought it was tough.

Ikko: It might not be a problem. But I would say everything when I am asked.

MP: Right. I really want to know, but I kinda have to consider your publisher’s position. My heart is beating loudly now. We don’t need to know how many books you signed. You will get if you are lucky, it’s a lottery after all. I wish you luck and please wait patiently. Well, I still feel nervous. I cannot get used to it. I still have lots of things to talk with Tanigawa-sensei and let’s talk about them next week. So, see you next week!

AP: It’s time to end this show. Please announce if you have something you want to say.

MP: We talked lots of things this week. Do you have anything important to say? Please look forward to updates of new chapters?

Ikko: No, I have nothing special to say.

MP: OK then, please check Tanigawa Nico-sensei’s official twitter and the web site of the manga. And stay healthy. This is the most important thing, you know? Thank you for listening!

Ikko: Thank you.

Japanese Transcript


















MP「もうメンバーにめっちゃ近い距離間でめっちゃ自慢しだして、そういうウザいテンションも受け入れてくださって、その後もお食事もさせていただいたりですね、そうなんですよー、お忙しいなかほんとにもー、どういう店用意していいかもわかんないですから。そもそもお酒は飲まれるのか? お食事はどういうものを食べるのか? 嫌いなものとかアレルギーとかあるんだろうかとか、思いながら、大丈夫ですよ、みたいな感じだったので、」


MP「どうした? このタイミングでどうした?」



Ikko「あーどうなんすかね? ちょっとはあるのかもしんないですけどねー」






























































MP「それって、言えるもんなんですか? 」