Japanese fans’ reaction to the preview of the Watamote anime

I translated twitter messages of Japanese fans who watched the preview of the Watamote anime on June 29th. I think there are a lot of mistranslations though, please never mind.

@pechikun: “The preview of Watamote finished. It was pretty good.”

@sumire0215: “The preview of Watamote finished! OP was so cool! Although it was only one chapter of manga, it had some added scenes. The art was good and moved well. I’m looking forward to broadcasting!”

@aicetea: “The preview of Watamote anime episode 1, it was fun because the director Oonuma wasted animation as usual in a good way. Songs were good, and musics in the episode were also good because they had a sense of fun.”

‏@takito0824: “The preview of Watamote anime. It was fun! I laughed naturally!”

‏@suecken: “I went to the preview of Watamote! It was so fun! It had a lot of blue jokes as manga has. If you are a fan of Izumi Kitta, it never let you down!”


@NAcaramelMA: “My impression to the preview. OP and ED were god tier. Kitta-san was god tier. The story had some added scenes and they were fun. I’m sure this anime will be popular.”

‏@nekomeshi0420: “I went to the preview of Watamote! 3D Mokocchi was cute. OP was so cool. ED was good because it was suited to its art. I’m looking forward to watching the other episodes.”


@ami____: “I was cosplaying as Mokocchi at the preview of Watamote today.”


@Canopus_072: “OP was so cool that I thought it was different anime. Although Mokocchi was pitiful, it suddenly changed into laughter. I think the more you watch it, the more you can have fun.

@dinos69: “I finished watching Watamote. OP was so cool that I got wet.”

@8kenbisya: “The preview of the Watamote anime finished! It was so close to the manga, wasn’t it? I recommend you to watch it.”

@nekomeshi0420: “This is the poster I got at the preview. (not for sale)”

3 thoughts on “Japanese fans’ reaction to the preview of the Watamote anime

  1. Aaaah, after reading all these comments, it’s making it harder to wait for the official broadcast ;_;

  2. I’m jealous. I wish I could’ve been there myself. Now I’m even more excited for the airing of the first episode.