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  1. Events in the collaborative games with the Marines

    April 8th:

    • Lottery event that you may get Watamote and the Marines goods

    April 9th:

    • Izumi Kitta’s talk show at the stage
    • Lottery event that you may get Watamote and the Marines goods
    • Izumi Kitta, an ex-cheerleader for the Marines, appears on the field with the Marines cheerleaders and dances
    • Tanigawa Nico’s autograph-signing session for the Tomoko’s Watamota Fan Party Ticket holders
    • Izumi Kitta’s limited autograph-signing session for the winner of the lottery
    • Tomoko herself surprisingly visits to The Kuroki’s Living Room for The Kuroki’s Living Room Group Ticket holders (I personally guess Tomoko means Izumi Kitta here.)

    April 10th:

    • Special gyouza dumplings produced by Izumi Kitta are sold at a food shop in the stadium
    • Stamp rally
    • Izumi Kitta’s talk show at the stage
    • Lottery event that you may get Watamote and the Marines goods
    • Izumi Kitta, an ex-cheerleader for the Marines, appears on the field with the Marines cheerleaders and dances
    • Izumi Kitta’s limited autograph-signing session for the winner of the lottery
    • Tomoko herself surprisingly visits to The Kuroki’s Living Room for The Kuroki’s Living Room Group Ticket holders

    Prizes for the lottery:

    • A participation privilege for Izumi Kitta’s limited autograph-signing session
    • Tanigawa Nico’s autograph
    • The Marines goods
    • A ticket for the Marines game
    • Lotte’s candy

    All participants can get a Special Collaboration Flag and a mini leaflet of the Watamote Special Chapter 6.

    Source URL:

    Online sale of the collaborative goods has started!


    Tanigawa Nico: “The goods have come out.”

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  2. Watamote Web Anthology, Mocomote is released.

    もこモテ-Mocomote- 【わたモテWebアンソロジー】 by Izu on pixiv

    Mocomote is a web anthology of Watamote that includes lots of fan iilustrations, fan comics and fanfictions by lots of Japanese fans and an overseas fan, Clownboss, a former member of this forum.

    He explained it in detail on Reddit. But unfortunately, Momoji didn’t join this time.

    Although it is all in Japanese, you can see lots of wonderful artwork by the artists you guys well know. For example, Radiohead drew NON-LEWD illustrations for a fan fiction. What a surprise!

    When you read this web anthology and if you have your pixiv account, please post your comment on the pixiv page in simple English. “Wonderful!” or “Very nice!” will do. I think lots of Japanese fans can read longer comments, too.

  3. Tanigawa_Nicos_New_Oneshot_Manga_Announcement

    Tanigawa Nico’s new one-shot manga will appear on Gangan Joker May issue that will come out on April 22nd. Its tentative title is “教室はON 部室はOFF / ON in the classroom, OFF in the club room.”


    Preview chapter of Tanigawa Nico’s new manga series will appear on Dengeki Daiouji Vol.31 that will come out on March 26th.

    It seems its title will be “ヒキコモリの妹を小卒で小説家にする姉と無職の姉に小説家にされるヒキコモリの妹 / An elder sister who makes her hikikomori little sister an elementary school graduate novelist and a hikikomori little sister who is made an elementary school graduate novelist by her unemployed elder sister.”


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  4. Baseball Jokes in Special Chapter 6.

    Page 1

    Baseball Scandals on Japanese TV lately:
    Giants players engaged in pool betting on own games
    Hiroshima, Rakuten, Lotte admit player cash exchanges

    >The Lotte Marines’ scandal was reported on March 17th, the publication date of the chapter.

    Page 2 to 3

    Otani who Komi was referring to:

    Otani who Tomoko and Yuu were thinking of:

    Page 3 to 4

    Motsuni, モツ煮: Simmered organs (pig or cow’s small intestine in general) and vegetables in miso soup. As Tomoko and Yuu rejected, I suppose that lots of women and young people don’t like Motsuni.

    Three Big Motsuni Types at QVC

    Page 5

    Kondou the vendor: He is kinda popular among Lotte fans because of his cheeriness and over 20 years dedication as a vendor at QVC.

    This special page for the collaboration includes:

    1. Tanigawa Nico’s interview about the Lotte Marines and predictions of NPB pennant races this year. They predicted the Marines as the third place.

    2. Manga selection that baseball and the Marines related chapters.

    3. Info about Izumi Kitta’s participation that we already know.

    4. Pics of the special collaborative goods. They are Clear File Folders, Key Chains, Scarf Towels, Micro Fiber Mini Towels, Mugs, Ticket Holders and Tapestries. They will sell these goods in the stadium and the Marines’ official online shop from April 8th.

    These are bonuses of Watamote volume 9.

    If you buy a volume 9 at certain stores, you can get a illustrated card respectively.

  5. Tanigawa Nico: “I was going to put a joke that ‘there was no players from the Marines in the Japan national baseball team’ in the next chapter, but actually there is now so I have to change the plot.”

    Tanigawa Nico: “I have to change it anyway because I put a joke that ‘Kiyohara identified himself as Kiyota when he bought drugs.”

    @164teppei: “Your editor scolds you when you puts an indiscreet joke in a plot?”

    Tanigawa Nico: “He doesn’t. He just tells me to change it.”

    Famed slugger Kiyohara arrested for possession of stimulant drug

  6. Chapter 93 and the cover art of Vol.9 are out.

    Some info about the collaboration games with the Marines are announced.


    Tomoko’s Watamota Fan Party Tickets

    Date: April 9th
    Seat: Field Terrace Suite
    Price: 10,300 yen / 1 person
    ・Tomoko’s favorite party foods (Twice cooked pork, Natto sushi roll and others) and complimentary drink
    ・Special collaboration flag
    ・Lottery event that you may get Watamote and the Marines goods
    ・Tanigawa Nico autograph-signing session (You must bring the Watamote Vol.9)

    The Kuroki’s Living Room Group Tickets

    Date: April 9th and 10th
    Seat: Ozashiki Ball Park (Japanese style party room)
    Price: 44,000 yen / 1 room, up to 8 persons
    ・Welcome hors d’oeuvre (Twice cooked pork)
    ・Special collaboration flag
    ・Lottery event that you may get Watamote and the Marines goods

    Tomoko’s Loners’ Seats

    Date: April 8th, 9th and 10th
    Seat: Marine Seat (reserved infield bleachers) and Non-reserved infield bleachers
    ・Marine Seat 2,000 or 2,500 yen / 1 person
    ・Non-reserved infield bleachers 1,600 or 2,100 yen / 1 person
    ・Special collaboration flag
    ・Lottery event that you may get Watamote and the Marines goods

    Special Collaboration Flags


    Details about original collaboration goods for sale at the Marines shop and its web site will be out on March 17th, along with the next chapter!

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  7. Daiouji_vol31

    According to an anonymous on 2ch.net, Tanigawa Nico will start a new manga series from Dengeki Daiouji vol.31, the next month issue.

    Its tentative title is “How to become a novelist that an elder sister teaches her little sister”. No other official info so far.

    Related info.

  8. I translated the page about the special collaboration in Chapter 92.



    Tomoko is astonished, Komiyama is delighted and Tanigawa Nico is humbled,

    A special collaboration (between the Chiba Lotte Marines and Watamote) has been decided!!

    Look forward to the next chapter that will come out on March 3rd for more information!

    Tomoko goes to QVC Marine Field (the Marine’s home stadium)? Komiyama is shrewdly watching the game, too?


    On the Marine’s web site, some information is already published.

    Special collaboration tickets will go on sale for April 8th, 9th and 10th games against the Saitama Seibu Lions.

    >mfw I’m kinda fan of the Lions.

    And original collaboration goods will go on sale on April 8th at the Marines shop and its web site. It doesn’t ship outside Japan, though.


    The Marines has collaborated with anime several times, such as Oreimo and OreGairu, whose locations are in Chiba prefecture as well as Watamote.


  9. Happy Lovely New Moko Year!

    @naka80_ichi65: “Good work for the serialization of Number Girl. I’m looking forward to your new one-shot manga and next serialization.”

    Tanigawa Nico: “Thank you. We thought we would get more time, but it seems we still have lots of things to do, such as drawing a one-shot manga and doing some work for the final volume.”

    Tanigawa Nico’s new one-shot manga will be published on Gangan Joker in the near future.

    Check who drew your favorite fan art and their other works!

    My bookmarks on Pixiv. You have to log-in to see this.

    My favorites on DeviantArt.

    Live2D 黒木智子 #4 by kensosha on pixiv

    New Tomoko Live2D art by @kensosha. It depicts Tomoko’s monologue when she lost her phone in Chapter 89.

    Revised Tomoko model for Live2D by @kensosha

  10. NumberGirl_final_episode


    In this month’s issue of Dengeki Daiouji, the end of the serialization of Number Girl, another manga by Tanigawa Nico, has been announced.

    The third and final volume will come out in March, 2016. No other official info so far.

  11. Now You Can Have Tomoko As Your Desktop Mascot!

    Our dream comes true with “Live2D”, an application that you can animate 2D characters without making a 3D model or drawing frames.


    A Japanese fan made Tomoko model for Live2D and you can play it with Live2D Viewer.

    Live2D Viewer

    Tomoko model for Live2D by @_vitaco

    Install and run Live2D Viewer, extract the zip file and open “.moc” file with it.

    However, Live2D Viewer is just a test tool. If you want to animate Tomoko as you want or to make your own Tomoko model, you have to use Live2D Cubism Editor.


    Moreover, if you use “FaceRig Live2D Module”, you can make 2D characters mimic your facial expressions via PC camera. In other words, You Can Be Tomoko Now!!


    FaceRig Live2D Module

    I myself don’t well know about these tools and you have to find out how to use them by yourself. Or, shall we have a Watamote Live2D thread on 8chan /tomoko/ to share info?

  12. Chapter 89 is out.

    >Komi visits Tomoko’s house and does a perverted thing.

    2 out of 3 books Komi picked for the library are related to Chiba Lotte Marines.

  13. Poster: “Ikuhiro Kiyota and Yuta Yoshida of Chiba Lotte Marines are coming to Ito-Yokado Makuhari Store!”

    Tanigawa Nico: “Tomorrow…”

    I guess one of the authors will or want to go to this event tomorrow.

    All the family names of Watamote characters come from players or former players of Chiba Lotte Marines.

    For details:

  14. @D_Wilderness: “[…] I have a question that I want to ask you at any cost. Does Tomoko wear bras under her tank top?”

    Tanigawa Nico: “I think she wears only her tank top. But I’m not sure because I’ve not talk about her bras with the artist.”

  15. About emigration from this forum. I guess BaGamman is very busy now and it seems emigration to his new forum is not going well. It’s all my fault and I feel terribly sorry about that.

    However, as I said before, I cannot deal with lots of people here anymore and I won’t reopen this forum.

    Since I prefer anonymous boards, I’m on 8chan /tomoko/ as an anonymous. Although there are a few people, I made a thread that you can post only simple English sentences to communicate with non-English speakers and I’m inviting Japanese fans from this site. But you cannot access 8chan from Russia due to the government’s internet ban.


    Another choice is r/watamote on Reddit. There are lots of fans compared to 8chan /tomoko/ and some members of this forum are there, too. I recommend you to join r/watamote if you don’t like anonymous boards.


  16. Have you watched this video?

    NHK WORLD imagine-nation: Watamote

    In this video, there are interviews with Tanigawa Nico’s editor, Watamote anime producer and director and Izumi Kitta.

    And new works from @F_1chan