Summary of Watamote x Chiba Lotte Marines collaborative event

Watamote and the Chiba Lotte Marines held a three-day collaborative event at QVC Marine Field from April 8th to 10th, 2016.

Watamote Locations

QVC Marine Field is located in Mihama Ward, Chiba Prefecture, and there are lots of the locations of Watamote.

This stone art appeared in the special chapter 2 and chapter 93
ワタモテxロッテ 石のオブジェ


This is the cafe that Tomoko, Yuu and Komi often visit.
ワタモテxロッテ タリーズ


This is the arcade that Tomoko often visits.
ワタモテxロッテ CLUBSEGA幕張


This is a veiw from the pedestrian bridge that Tomoko, Yuu and Komi walked in the chapter 54.
ワタモテxロッテ 歩道橋


This school is one of the models of Tomoko’s school name, Harajuku Educational Academy Makuhari Shuei High School. For more detail


And this is QVC Marine Field.
ワタモテxロッテ マリンフィールド


Kitta Izumi

On the second and third day, before the games, Kitta Izumi held a mini talk show.

This video is the talk show on the second day. In the introduction of Watamote, the assistant girl said “Watamote is also popular overseas.”


On the second and third day, before the bottom of seventh, Kitta Izumi danced with the Marines’ cheerleaders.

This video is the dance on the second day.


On the second and third day, during the games, Kitta Izumi met the Tomoko’s Watamota Fan Party Ticket holders and The Kuroki’s Living Room Group Ticket holders.


Pics of Kitta Izumi


Tanigawa Nico’s Autographs

On the second day, Tanigawa Nico held a autograph-signing session for the Tomoko’s Watamota Fan Party Ticket holders WITHOUT CAT MASK. Each fan could talk with them personally while they were drawing their autograph.


These are Kitta Izumi’s autograph for a lottery winner and Tanigawa Nico’s illustrated autograph.


These are Tanigawa Nico’s autograph for lottery winners.


Collaborative Goods

The collaborative goods were sold at the shops inside and outside the stadium.
ワタモテxロッテ コラボグッズ01




Tomoko’s Acrylic Key Chain


Yuu’s Acrylic Key Chain


Komi and Yuu’s Acrylic Key Chains


Acrylic Key Chains, a Scarf Towel and a Special collaborative flag


Special collaborative flags, Scarf Towels and a Mini Towel


Mini Towels, Acrylic Key Chains, a Mug and a Clear File Folder Set


You can see all the collaborative goods at the Marines Offical Online Shop.


All participants got a Special collaborative flag and a mini leaflet of the Watamote Special Chapter 6 for free.


The admin of another Watamote fan site brought some goods that he owns and decorated the group ticket room.


Another fan of the group ticket room brought a MacBook and they watched the Watamote anime together.



Almost all foods served for the Tomoko’s Watamota Fan Party Ticket holders are related to Watamote.

Twice Cooked Pork (Tomoko’s favorite)


Natto Sushi Roll (Natto is also Tomoko’s favorite.)


SPAGHETTI (You know what this means.)


Motsuni (Komi recommended motsuni at QVC to Tomoko and Yuu in the special chapter 6)


This is the exact same motsuni that Komi ate in the special chapter 6. It was delicious.
ワタモテxロッテ モツ煮


On the third day, Special gyouza dumplings produced by Kitta Izumi were sold at a food shop in the stadium