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  1. I’ve added three new polls on the Polls page. Please cast your votes!

    Watamote Polls

    • Which is your favorite volume of Watamote?
    • Do you think Tomoko will ever make a male friend?
    • Who is your favorite supporting character from Watamote?

    And I closed this poll. Thank you for voting!

    Which do you like better, Tomoko or Komiyama?

    I don’t know whether I should say “Sasuga Mokocchi” or “Sasuga Komi-chan”. Komiyama has gained popularity quite fast.

    • Great news. I still haven’t ordered my copy of English volume 3, I’ll do that today.

    • Yes it is. n_n So good to hear! We were just having a discussion on whether Tomoko’s nendo was popular enough to warrant a figma on myfigurecollection.

    • Webmaster, do you smoke? I’m just wondering because I think Tomoko mentions in this chapter that many pro baseball players smoke.
      Sorry if this is an inappropriate question.

      • No, I don’t smoke.

        I’m not a baseball fan, so I had not known about that at all. I googled it and found that some famous baseball players in Japan certainly smoke or had smoked. However, even so, I think Tomoko exaggerated it a little.

    • When Tomoko is forced into social outings it is always fun to see how she reacts to everything she encounters internally and externally. She has this wonderful combination of naivete wit and intelligence, we don’t often see in MCs.

  2. @gatotyu2: “Tanigawa sensei, are you a fan of Chiba Lotte Marines? Because almost all names of characters come from players of Marines.”

    Tanigawa Nico: “Although I don’t know if I can say ‘I’m a fan’, I usually watch Marines games when they are broadcast on satellite or NicoNico Douga Live. I quit watching when they have fallen 5 runs behind, though.”

    All the family names of the Watamote characters come from players or former players of Chiba Lotte Marines.

    For example:

    I don’t well know about Marines, though, they say Tomohiro Kuroki and Satoru Komiyama were called “Double Aces of Marines”.


    Even all the family names on this chart in the episode 10 of the anime came from players or former players of Marines.


    This is the comparison of two picutres of Kiyoshi Hatsushiba, “Mr. Marines”, who is a former manager of Marines and Hatsushiba whom we well know in the Watamote anime.

  3. I was thinking about Komi’s attraction to Tomoki, and I think it would be really cool if they got into a relationship with each other. It’d be very interesting to see how Tomoko would react to that happening. I hope something like that will happen eventually, and it seems like it’s a possibility (since there have been important plot developments recently, such as Komi being reunited with Yuu for example)

    • I think Komi has a lot of rivals of her love. For example, the girl who brought handouts in the chapter 25, she gave Tomoki cookies in the chapter 41.

      Members of soccer team are very popular among girls in Japanese school, especially Forwards. In his middle school, Tomoki’s uniform number was 10, which means he was a main player of Forwards. And his team entered the Kanto Region Soccer Tournament as a representative for Chiba prefecture. It’s hard to believe that he is really Tomoko’s little brother.

      • That’s interesting. I knew that Tomoki was fairly popular compared to his sister, but I didn’t realise that he was as popular as that.

        • Compared to other slice of life manga, Watamote sometimes has a kind of reality. I think Tomoki’s popularity is quite realistic for a comedy manga. Girls don’t make your fan club in real life.

          Although we don’t know how popular he is because Watamote is the story from Tomoko’s point of view, I’m sure that some girls are in love with him.

    • I really liked the ending of this chapter.
      It’s interesting that Komi calls Yuu “Naruse-san”, even though Yuu calls her “Komi-chan”. I’m guessing that maybe Komi calls Yuu that because she’s too shy to use something more familiar, but I’m not sure. I don’t think I very well understand how Japanese honorifics work.

      • I think you’re right. “-san” is too polite when you call your close friend.

        About the ending of this chapter, Tomoko is a bit too familiar with Yuu and Komi is a bit too humble with Yuu in their e-mails. This is a very interesting difference between them.

  4. New info about the OVA

    EP13 “Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Act Enigmatically”

    Tomoko was spending her middle school days lazily with Yuu-chan and Komi-something-san (Tomoko thought she cut into them without permission) as she was expecting something interesting to happen even though doing nothing special for that.

    One day, she found a key and sneaked into the rooftop with it. When she enjoyed her freedom there, an unknown underclassman entered the rooftop. Being upset, Tomoko started acting weirdly.

    Izumi Kitta as Tomoko Kuroki
    Yuuichi Nakamura as Tomoki Kuroki
    Kana Hanazawa as Yuu Naruse
    Rie Kugimiya as Kii-chan
    Kaori Mizuhashi as Kotomi Komiyama
    Junichi Suwabe as Aomatsu (new character)


    ※check the release section

    • I would so buy that DVD if it weren’t region locked to Asia. (ノ`Д´)ノ.:・┻┻)`з゜)・:゙;

  5. Chapter 56 is out.

    Tomoko: “Yuu-chan……”

    Izumi Kitta is voicing Rainbow Dash in the Japanese dub of My Little Pony. This video is a summary of her scenes. They say her acting has been gradually changing into Tomoko. FYI, Rainbow Dash addresses herself as “Boku” in the Japanese dub. I don’t know well about MLP, though.

    These are bonuses of Vol.6 comic. If you buy a Watamote Vol.6 comic at certain stores, you can get a illustrated card or a postcard respectively.


    • What do you use micro fiber towels for? What do you do with them? Just wondering. sorry to bother you.

      • Rub your face or something with the fluffy texture of Tomoko’s face, I guess? I think you know what I mean.

  6. So I’ve got a little question. Wasn’t there this little bonus you get when you have all the BDs? The Dakimakura? What happened to that?

    • Yes, you’re right. However, there was no new information about the dakimakura in the program on 16th. All we know about it is that it is called “Cuddling with Yuu-chan”. We don’t know even “who” is cuddling with Yuu yet.

  7. Yesterday, all 12 episodes of the Watamote anime were broadcast on NicoNico douga. Over 100,000 people watched it and they posted over 250,000 comments.

    After that, a special live program of Watamote was broadcast.

    New info about the OVA:
    ・The appearance of Komiyama in the OVA is confirmed.
    ・The name of the new character for the OVA is Aomatsu (青松/あおまつ). Maybe he is a boy, because Izumi Kitta addressed his name with “-kun”.

  8. In case people are interested, here’s a video that was recently posted on YouTube by one of the people who work on the fan translation of watamote.

    It seems like a tricky job.

    • Yeah, it really seems tough work. Without their hard work, watamote had never been popular this much. Even though I can read Japanese version, I really appreciate that.

      By the way, do you think I can post this video on the Japanese forum in this site? Some Japanese fans are curious about the fan translation. But I don’t want to bother guys of the fan translation.

      • I recorded that video and posted it on youtube, and I’d be really glad if you posted it on the Japanese forum. It wouldn’t bother me at all, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t bother the others who work on watamote.

      • Yeah, the translators are great! They were so nice when I sent in some Watamote scans.

  9. On 16th, Watamote special live program will be broadcast on NicoNico Douga.

    I think they will announce new info about the OVA and detailed information about the special bonus for who bought all watamote BDs or DVDs. I heard it will be a dakimakura named “Cuddling with Yuu-chan”. I wonder how it will look like.

    I’m afraid you cannot watch the show from outside Japan. I will post a summary after someone reuploaded it.

    • Tanigawa Nico: “Please do. The color of her vest will be beige or cream. An illustration of her may be out around the next week or the week after next. Please check it.”

      I think this means the character design of Komiyama for the OVA will be out in the show on 16th.

    • On 16th before the live show above, all 12 episodes of the Watamote anime will be broadcast on NicoNico Douga. Although you cannot watch this anime marathon from outside Japan, too. I wish we could watch it together.

    • Oh, thank you. I had thought he was an /a/non. I googled his name and found some Japanese blog articles about him.

        • I thought he was very funny. He is not like otakus in Japan. Cheerful, active and rich. However, he is too cheerful to be a pervert. I like perverted people on 4chan and 2chan more.