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    • Looks like one of the Mojo Notes. The Blu-rays are really nice. They kinda make up for the low episode count with nice packaging and bonus items.

  1. Unfortunately, it seems like the next chapter of watamote has been delayed for another week. I guess Tanigawa Nico is busy.

    Anyway, while we’re waiting, have you read Number Girl? Is it good?
    Sorry to bother you.

    • As you guys already know, the release of Chapter 55 has been postponed to February 27th. There is no details.

      About Number Girl, I read its Vol.1 and thought it was just an ordinary gag (and a little moe) manga, not bad though. I don’t know yet if I will buy its Vol.2.

  2. On the Gangan Online website, it appears that Watamote 55 has been pushed back to the 27th.

    • She looks like Komiyama. Of course Komiyama doesn’t have so many friends in Tomoko’s class, though.

      • She doesn’t have that many friends – period. Since this is from Volume 3 maybe this was a Kotomi Komiyama prototype. I’m probably thinking too hard. It probably is just a coincidence, but a fun one.

        • Although she has similar hair to Komiyama, I think it’s just a coincidence.

          However, there is a prototype version of Komiyama in chapter 30, on the page where Tomoko remembers how she was generally bad at sport, but pretty good at long distance running.
          Maybe you already knew about it, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

          The prototype Komiyama seems to have a slightly different hairstyle, and her face looks a bit different .

  3. Chapter 54 is out.

    Yuu: “Komi-chan!?”

    Komiyama: “What!? Are… you… Naru…Naruse-san?”

    If you can read Japanese language, there are two very helpful websites to understand Watamote more.

    Tanigawa Nico Wiki

    As you know, Watamote has a lot of references to other manga and anime. Japanese fans are listing them on this site. However, there may be some false information.

    Watamote place

    Another fansite run by a Japanese fan. Its webmaster lives in Makuhari, Chiba prefecture and he is finding out the locations of Watamote.

  4. Cover Design of Blu-ray Vol.6

    私モテ ブルーレイ 第6巻
    Blu-ray Vol.6

    New info about the OVA. Its story will include Tomoko’s middle school days.

    All we know about the OVA:

    ・The release date is Oct 22nd.
    ・Its story is newly written by Tanigawa Nico.
    ・Its story will include Tomoko’s middle school days.
    ・A popular character in the TV anime will appear.
    ・That character who did not appear in the anime will appear.
    ・A new character for the OVA will appear.
    ・Izumi Kitta is worrying if she (and Tomoko) will have enough lines.

  5. English version of watamote vol.2 arrived a few days ago.

    私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い! 英語版 第2巻
    Watamote English Vol.2

    I thought its translation was as great as vol.1 except for a few minor mistranslations. However, I felt kind of uneasy a bit when Kii-chan called Tomoko “TOMOKO-CHAN”.

    They are cousins, so it’s not odd Kii-chan calls Tomoko’s name with “-chan” even though she is younger than Tomoko. But still I felt kind of uneasy just a bit. Perhaps I felt that it was not natural for Kii-chan’s personality.

    What do you guys think of it?

    • Yes it feels odd, I think it would only make sense for Kii to address Tomoko that way after the card fight.

      • Thank you. I suppose that people who love to read manga are familiar with Japanese honorifics. So I would have liked to know what they think of it.

    • I personally prefer world-three’s translation. The dialogue feels more natural somehow. With the official translation, it somehow feels like they were trying too hard in some way. It’s not easy for me to explain what I mean, maybe an example will help:

      From the chapter when she’s trying to be an emotionless character.

      World-three’s translation:
      “Now, as an emotionless character, I can finally do it!”
      Official translation:
      “…and I just know me and my stoic mug’ll be a big hit!”

      World-three’s translation:
      “Even a bear couldn’t drink this much honey…”
      Official translation:
      “This is fit only for bears to drink…”

      I feel like the lines from world-three’s translation are closer to something a high school girl would actually say, if you get what I mean. The official translation is a bit too decorative.

      Of course, this might also be because I’m just used to world-three’s translations after having read them several times before the official ones came out. And even if I’m not as keen on the official releases, I’ll still keep buying them.

      • Thank you. That is also exactly what I would like to know. I can tell which is more accurate to the original lines. However, I cannot tell which translation people who speak English prefer.

        So you thought the official one was a bit too decorative. To be honest, I cannot get why you said so from those lines. I guess I have to read more English books.

        • I think he was trying to say that it tries too hard to make the dialogue informal. The fan translation is very straight-forward, so it sounds a bit stiff sometimes. But the official translation adds a lot of colloquialisms, so sometimes it sounds over-the-top or out of character.

    • I like Tomoko wearing her hat, and Kii-chan. It’s a shame there isn’t one for Komi-something-san.

    • Cool! I had thought this meant Komi-something, but she did appear in the manga, so it can’t be her.

      • I think Komiyama will appear in the OVA anyway. A previous post saying “And she said that THAT character who appeared in the manga but not in the TV anime would appear in the OVA.” pretty much screams Komiyama.

        • I think Komiyama will appear in the OVA, too. I think that “THAT character” means Komiyama and this new character means another completely new character.

          • Well I hadn’t ruler Komi-something out. I was even anxiously expecting her to show up at the library even as just a cameo, but hoping for the reunion. The OVA is sounding so great I’m totally getting that Vol.7 manga.

  6. Chapter 53 is out.


    Girl: “Don’t… Someone is still behind us…”

    • The Chunnibyo part when she loses Tomoki’s umbrella and her attempt at being tsundere with the umbrella were cute. I felt sad when Tomoki tried to ignore her at the station though.

    • That’s great! I’m still looking forward to Sentai’s english dub of the watamote anime. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Watamote deck wiped out Fantasista Doll deck in FIVEqross TCG! Mojo conquered beautiful girls!!

    Sora Tokui & Emi Nitta FIVEqross Live Play #5, guest Izumi Kitta 1/2

    Sora Tokui & Emi Nitta FIVEqross Live Play #5, guest Izumi Kitta 2/2

    This video below is two women recorded their own reactions while watching watamote anime episode 8-12. REALLY FUNNY and I watched this video and Watamote anime playing simultaneously again and again. Do you guys know any other videos like this?

    Fangirls React! Watamote episode 8-12

  8. Tomoko’s got the Most Gloomy Anime Character Award in 2013!

    “Her darkness, is the only one!? Anyway, Mokocchi won a big victory!!”


    I think this guy is really good. I’d like to listen to his full version.

  9. WataMote won reader’s choice award on Japanator for favorite anime of 2013. Not as prestigious as the Japanator editor’s choice, but hey its something!

  10. Cover Design of Blu-ray Vol.5

    私モテ ブルーレイ 第5巻
    Blu-ray Vol.5

    I hope that the cover design of Vol.6 will be Megumi Imae wearing school uniform (not the animal costume) is hugging Tomoko blushing.

  11. Izumi Kitta read the English title of Watamote in the radio.

    Then she tried to translate the title into Japanese (because she hadn’t known the title was of Watamote). It’s about 10:40-12:10. And she said that THAT character who appeared in the manga but not in the TV anime would appear in the OVA.

    These are card lists of the Watamote TCG (FIVEqross) (CDJapan).

  12. Here is my translation of Watamote’s ending song 「夜のとばりよ さようなら」/”Say Good-bye to the Night” performed by Velvet.kodhy. It’s an interpretation rather than a direct translation. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


    • I think this song is difficult to translate because it has a lot of words that we seldom use in daily life. At the same time, they make the song funny because they sound a little exaggerated and fit Tomoko’s feeling at the scene.

      I think there is no mistranslation, except for a few interpretations of subjects. Almost all sentences don’t have its subject so they aren’t actually mistranslation.

    • It was kind of Tanigawa Nico to reply. (PENIS.) Tomoko is about as tall as I expected.

    • Her height is actually in the Official Fanbook as 140 cms. If I recall correctly, she is 16 years-old. But what I really want to know is her birthday. As far as I know, they never specified a date in the manga or in the Fanbook. Could anyone please ask them and post results? I do not have a twitter and I do not plan on creating one just for this (too lazy).

      • Someone already asked

        @Judas0524: “Good Mourning. I have a question about Tomoko’s birthday. According to the manga, I think it is in mid-March. Have you decided the exact date?”

        Tanigawa Nico: “We have already decided. However we didn’t announce the date in order to avoid the contradiction between Tomoko’s and Yuu’s birthday.”

      • I wonder whether or not they have decided the date of Tomoko’s birthday.

        @usacono33: “Tanigawa-sensei, hello! I’ve read the official fan book, but there is not the date of Tomoko’s birthday. Would you please tell me the date of her birthday?”

        Tanigawa Nico: “It is around the end of February. But we have not decided the exact date yet due to various reasons.”