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    • I got to watch the first episode, and I really liked it! Ms. Rial captured the spirit of Tomoko very well, in my opinion. David Matranga’s Tomoki was also very good and suitable.

    • Thank you!

      I really envy you because we cannot watch The Anime Network from Japan due to the regional restriction.

      I think Emily Neves’ voice is also very suitable for Yuu-chan.

      Emily Neves as Kanade Tachibana in Angel Beats!

      David Matranga as Hideki Hinata in Angel Beats!

      I couldn’t find any Juliet Simmons’ acting sample.

  1. I found a cam rip of Sentai Filmworks Industry Panel Anime Expo 2014. Preview of the Watamote dub begins around 44 minutes.

  2. It’s been confirmed via Anime Expo, as well as on twitter, that voice actress Monica Rial will play the role of Tomoko in the English dub of WataMote!

    • Thank you!

      I remember her voice as Kyoko Tokiwa in Full Metal Panic since I’ve watched the anime in English again and again. Recent her acting as Stoking in Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt was also splendid!

      Though now I feel her voice is a bit too high pitched for Tomoko, if her acting is good, I won’t care about it at all.

  3. Chapter 62 is out.

    Tomoko: “In the first place… you don’t have to be able to ride on a bike unless you live on Shareholder Benefit Programs or you are a pornographic actress who appears in a specific kind of AV.”

    Tomoko refers to Hiroto Kiritani, a former pro shogi player who now lives on almost only Shareholder Benefit Programs and loves bicycle very much, and an adult video series featuring the specific fetish that pornographic actresses get an orgasm while they are on a bike.

    FYI, try searching the word “アクメ自転車がイクッ!!” on Google Images (without SafeSearch Filters).

    The next chapter will be out on July 17th.

  4. Finalized disc art and wrap for WataMote have appeared on Amazon.com!

    The back cover confirms that Emily Neves Love is the voice director for the English language dub! Still no news on the voice cast yet, but an announcement might be soon!

    Watamote: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]

    • I am friends with Emily on facebook, and she’s made a few comments on the news which I’ll share below!

      “I directed Watamote! It’s a hilarious, awkward show, all about the perils of teen angst and social anxiety. The cast in this one really hit it out of the park. Hopefully cast announcements will follow shortly. I know they can’t wait to spread the news!”
      link: https://www.facebook.com/emily.neves.love/posts/10204480902687002

      When someone mentioned the previous Anime Network trailer video, Emily responded with this:
      “It’s not Brittney, actually. That’s just a promo they did for the Anime Network before I was even brought on to the project. Brittney is amazingly talented, but not quite the right fit for that role. Trust me, though, the actor I chose to play Tomoko couldn’t be more perfect for the role.”


    • Thank you for sharing the infomation!

      The art looks very nice and Tomoko always looks adorable. I’m very looking forward to the cast announcement.

    • Do you know if the American Blu-ray of Watamote is the same as the Japanese one? I mean, is the American version uncensored as the Japanese version?

      • It should be the same as the Japanese version. Sentai Filmworks has never censored an anime release.

  5. Chapter 61 is out.

    Kii-chan: “Let’s continue watching.”

    Tomoko: “Kii-chan, kieeeei!”

    The video that Tomoko and Kii-chan were watching was Hasshaku-sama (八尺様), a ghost story that is popular on the Japanese internet. One shaku equals about 30.3 centimeters (≒ 1 foot), so hachi-shaku (eight shaku) equals about 242.4 centimeters (≒ 8 feet). Hasshaku-sama is an about 242.4 centimeters tall female ghost who kills people who have seen her.

    The next chapter will come out on July 3rd.

  6. This pic is very funny.

    Title: “Popularity vote of Watamote characters”

    Rank: Name (comment) / Votes

    • 1st place: Tomoko Kuroki (Thank you everyone.) / 5071 Votes
    • 2nd place: Tomoko Kuroki (Huh!) / 3072 Votes
    • 3rd place: Tomoko Kuroki (Thank God.) / 1802 Votes
    • 4th place: Tomoko Kuroki (Damn… I lost to Tomoko…) / 721 Votes
    • 5th place: Tomoko Kuroki (This is a reasonable result for me.) / 514 Votes

    This is a parody of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and popularity votes of manga characters on Shōnen Jump.

    • The chapter 61 is going to be out on June 19th.

      New chapters of Watamote usually come out on the first and the third Thursday of each month. They skip one of them occasionally, though.

      • Do you know if there are there any plans for the anthology or fan book to come out in English?

        • I think the guys of the fan translation have already released some chapters of the anthology.

          If you mean official translations, I think there is little hope that they will come out.

          • “If you mean official translations, I think there is little hope that they will come out.”

            Awww. I’ve seen all the anthology chapters the fan-translators did, they say there’s a few more they’re working on.

  7. Hello!
    Are fan-sites like this popular in Japan?

    I notice in the US people don’t tend to create fan-sites for series they like, though many people have blogs for posting thoughts on a variety of different anime they watch…

    Your dedication to WataMote and this website is wonderful!

    • Thank you.

      >Are fan-sites like this popular in Japan?

      I don’t think so. There used to be a lot of fan-sites, but you cannot find so many nowadays. I started this site just on a whim.

      Japanese fans now prefer wikisites maintained by community. This is a wikisite of Watamote maintained by Japanese fans on 2ch.net. They are listing references to other manga and anime in Watamote here. There may be some false information, though.


      • I think the same is true for english-language fan websites as well. Wikis and blogs are much more popular now but they’re not reliable sources of information.

  8. Hi Webmaster. I was wondering if Komi-something is popular or at least relevant in Japan, I’m starting to like her even more than Tomoko every time a new chapter of Tomomote comes out.

    Has the author said any comments about her (Komi)?

    • Futaba (2chan) has only a few watamote threads in a month nowadays though, I remember that some Toshiakis (anons on may.2chan ) were saying that they loved Komiyama more than Tomoko.

      >Has the author said any comments about her (Komi)?

      I don’t know. Why don’t you ask them about her directly on Twitter? I think I can translate your question into Japanese and their reply into English for you.

  9. Hi webmaster, a while ago I saw some photos of what looked like official promotional art or a Blu-Ray cover for a summer episode (?) of Watamote. I haven’t seen anything about it since so I was wondering if you knew about it. I guess it would be the OVA coming out in October.

    It’s possible it was just fan art though.

    • As far as I know, no official art related with the OVA is out yet. So I think those photos are not of the OVA.

      However I’m very curious about the photos, because at least they had quality to look like official. If you see them again, would you please post their URLs here?

  10. Chapter 60 is out.

    Watamom: “Kii-chan, please take care of Tomoko.”

    Kii: “Certainly!”

    Now we know Kii’s first name, it’s “希心 / Kiko”. We don’t know her family name yet. Maybe it’s not Kuroki, because her mother and Tomoko’s mother talk friendly and frankly even though they meet only once or twice a year and it sounds that they are blood-related sisters. I’m not quite sure though.

    • Although I don’t well know about the anime industry, I think it doesn’t matter where you buy them as long as they are officially licensed. However, if you want some of your money go to the creators more directly, not via the investors, you have to buy the original copies of the anime and manga.

      I cannot explain it well in English, so please google the word “anime production committees” and read some pages.

  11. Hey, would anyone mind telling me what that Watamote Radio thing is? I was just trundling through nico nico, which doesn’t happen very often, and I saw it. I’ve been listening to them all just because I really like Kitta Izumi’s performance and it either is her or sounds a lot like her. I’m not looking for a full translation or anything ridiculous of course, but if anyone could give me the general idea of what the whole deal is about then I’d be greatly appreciative. Thanks.

    • The explanation depends on whether you know the concept of アニラジ (AniRaji = Anime Radio). Most anime have its radio program to promote its merchandise. The MC (radio personality) is/are from its VAs and they collect episodes or jokes related to the anime from listeners and read them.

      Watamote Radio was completely following the concept. The MC was Izumi Kitta as you know. They collected lonely episodes from listeners and Izumi Kitta read and judged whether they were truly lonely or not. She sounded a lot like Tomoko, not only her voice but also her personality. She said she was also lonely when she was a high school girl.

      They also collected games which you could do them all alone and Izumi Kitta did them and judged whether they were fun or not. Her favorite was “When you put a wire hanger on your head, your head turns away unintentionally”. This was illustrated on the cover of the Watamote Radio DJCD 3.


  12. I can see why Tomko isn’t glad at the end of the chapter. Even though Yuu was telling the truth, Tomoko didn’t belive her until she saw the picture. Tomoko is feeling bad for distrusting her only friend.