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Since I’m not good at communication, this forum is closed.

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  1. Chapter 88 is out.

    >Komi may be more perverted than Tomoko.

    Some people might be dissapointed, but I like the first-year girls. Tomoko and they are very funny.


    騎馬戦 / Cavalry fight
    A kind of game like Chicken fight.

  2. @ponta_solo: “I’m just wondering, when is Tomoko’s birthday?”

    Tanigawa Nico: “I had a feeling that we decided the date, but I forgot it. It’s around the end of Feburary.”

  3. Chapter 87 is out.

    Ucchii’s suffering continues and intensifies.


    箸休め / Hashi-yasume
    an interlude or an intermission. A term from Japanese course dinner. Side dishes served between main dishes are called Hashi-yasume in Japanese cuisine.

    About Tomoko eating plain rice while watching Ucchii dancing
    In Japan, we usually eat plain rice with accompanying dishes called Okazu. As a slang word, Okazu also means a porn when you masturbate. And there is a joke that you can eat plain rice while watching a porn if you are perverted enough. I guess Ucchii thought Tomoko was aroused by her.

    By the way, it seems the URL format of new chapters has been changed.

  4. Tanigawa Nico: “I play everything except for online games. Now I’d like to play Resident Evil or Dragon Warrior VII that Square-Enix gave me. I don’t have Nintendo 3DS, though.”

  5. Tanigawa Nico: “I guess there won’t be a season 2, probably.”

    @harimoguni “Sorry I’m late, but I’ve read the second volume of Number Girl. It was surreal but easy to understand, and I was absorbed in it. Especially, the chapters chestnuts hit the girl were very funny. By the way, what is your favorite thing to do?”

    Tanigawa Nico: “I love playing video games. But I’ve not played since I became a manga artist, because I don’t have time. If I quit the job and had lots of money, I’d like to play games about 10 hours a day everyday.”

  6. Chapter 86 is out.

    >A really handsome guy appeared.

    I thought Tomoko with boys was as hilarious as Tomoko with girls.


    借り物競争 / Borrowing race
    A kind of race like scavenger hunt.

    二人三脚 / Three-legged race

    Nemo’s suggestion about Rock-paper-sissors
    In Japan, we do rock-paper-sissors not only to decide who is a winner but also to make a few pairs. You make a pair with another person who showed the same hand shape. I think it’s not a good idea when you have to make four or more pairs, though.

  7. Fanbook_P013
    Page 13, Profile of Kii-chan (August, 2013)

    Nickname: Kii-chan

    Age: three years younger than Mokocchi

    Height: about 140cm

    Weight: slight figure

    Blood type: O

    Academic results: excellent

    Favorite subject: nothing in particular

    Least favorite subject: nothing in particular

    Siblings: none

    Personality: average person, obedient

    Favorable point: her caring for others

    Favorite things: to take care of a pet

    Least favorite things: lies

  8. Fanbook_P012
    Page 12, Profile of Tomoki (August, 2013)

    Name: Kuroki Tomoki

    Nickname: Tomoki

    Age: one year younger than Mokocchi

    Height: about 170cm

    Weight: about 60kg

    Blood type: B

    Academic results: better than average

    Favorite subject: physical education

    Least favorite subject: art

    Athletic ability: good, basically good at both study and sports

    Personality: earnest and industrious

    Favorable points: his reliability and patience

    Favorite things: soccer, he is a regular player in his club and his position is forward.

    Least favorite things: nothing in particular

  9. Fanbook_P011
    Page 11, Profile of Yuu (August, 2013)

    Name: Naruse Yuu

    Nickname: Yuu-chan / Yuu

    Age: same as Mokocchi

    Height: about 160cm

    Weight: slender

    Blood type: A

    Academic results: worse than average

    Favorite subject: nothing in particular

    Least favorite subject: mathematics

    Athletic ability: average

    Personality: innately goofy and amiable

    Favorable point: her kindness to everyone

    Favorite food: sweets

    Least favorite food: bitter foods, spicy foods

    Favorite things: watching anime, shopping

    Least favorite things: lewd things. but she is ok with scary things like a roller coaster and a haunted house!

  10. Since I have enough time now, I’ll pick up some important/interesting info from the official fan book and translate them.

    Page 7, Profile of Tomoko (August, 2013)

    Name: Kuroki Tomoko

    Age: 16

    Height: 145-149cm

    Weight: skinny

    Bust/waist/hip: I’ll be voluptuous eventually.

    Blood type: B

    Address: I won’t tell you!!

    How many friends in your cell phone address book: about 38

    School: Harajuku Educational Academy Makuhari Shuei High School

    Academic results: average of averages

    Favorite subject: arts, especially Japanese language

    Least favorite subject: domestic science

    Favorite sport: marathon

    Type of women you want to be: cool woman who other women also consider her cool

    Type of men you like: older than me

    Club activities: I joined a club once in middle school. But I quit it halfway and I never joined any club after that.

    Part-time job you want to try: assistant detective

    Least favorite things: people who make gruops and conversation with others

    Your dream in the future: winning Akutagawa Prize though I’ve not written a novel yet.

    If you had one wish, what would you wish for?: money for my entire life

  11. I think I close this forum for a while.

    It’s definitely not anyone’s fault other than mine. I’m not good at communication after all and I simply cannot deal with lots of people here anymore.

    I made this forum to show my appreciation to foreign Watamote fans and I believe it’s fulfilled. I really enjoyed talking about Watamote and Tomoko with you guys.

    I’m sorry to do this all of a sudden. But I’m sure there is no better option.

    See you guys when a second season begins!

    I made a forum to discuss where to emigrate from this site.

    I’ve changed my mind a bit.

    Since my problem is too many people on this forum, I will continue translating Watamote info here while I keep this forum closed.

    With a calm mind, I don’t think I can stop my appreciation to you guys who love Watamote even though you don’t understand Japanese language.

    I must say, you don’t have to say “thank you” to me. If you appreciate me, you should pay your respect for Tanigawa Nico, Yen Press, and of course great guys of World Three and Gospel.

    Please buy the official translations to support Tanigawa Nico and Yen Press. Please support Gospel guys in the way they need.

    I’m always be with you as long as you love Watamote and Tomoko.

  12. Ok then What games are yuu looking forward to me Halo 5 Mirrors Edge Catalyst Zelda Triforce Heros Star wars Battleground personally don’t like Fallout oh I’m Loving Destiny Taken King sooo good!

    • I’m waiting for Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, The New Attack on Titan Game that’s coming out on 2016, Yoru no Nai Kuni (A new RPG game that I want to try out.) “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone” coming to PS4 in 2016. (Hopefully it will be release in the States later on.) Yup, there you have it. Those are the games I’m looking most forward to.

      • Oh..I forgot too say the new Final Fantasy 7 remake too. It’s going to be awesome!

    • Fallout 4, X-com 2, Deus Ex:MD, and Dark Souls 3. That’s about all I’m really looking forward too.

      • Since I have a little more money now a days, I chose to live the dream. Wii U and PS3, soon to be PS4. Web master, is Valkryia chronicles still going strong Japan? To bad there was only one port over here. Shame, great game.

    • I have this old Wii I bought many years ago, but honestly I got it just because it was the cheapest of the three consoles back then.

      I mostly play my games on the PC.

        • Hah, I have it! But I’ve never finished it cus it’s such a long game and it never managed to hold my attention for so long, which is a shame because I hear nothing but good things for that game. Perhaps someday I’ll beat it.

          My fav game on the Wii is Twilight Princess, but nowadays I mostly use my Wii to play retro games, and the Metal Slug Anthology every time my friends come to visit. Metal Slug Anthology is a house favourite. Sometimes Brawl too.

          • Twilight princess is the best zelda, indeed.

            But I think Midna is a great reason for its success. In other zelda, our compagnon is too kind, only in the good side.
            Midna is the first and yet only real zelda character I know being this complex. She’s cleary not a only-in-the-good person.She cleary has her own reasons to help, and do not even deny it. In fact, I think she’s as complex as Tomoko.

    • I pick Sony because I have a super sonico custom PS4 console/controller.

    • PC
      Spent all time on propgramming.

  13. Hey, WBmasta!
    How about to make IRC channel? At freenode or rizon, for free.

    • Sorry, as I said before, I prefer to be an anonymous on anonymous boards.

      • It’s better when you’re a guy that post rule 34 featuring rape on his own blog, I guess.

      • It’s not require to register your own login/pass and use only it. It’s easy to change nickname, just like here. In fact, now on this page there is no comments from “anonymous”. Also thou who hath your own constant admin-nickname, so it isn’t anonymity.

    • Yeah, they form a nice couple, and the Uchii girl deserves a little scare because she’s honest to nobody yet selfish.

      Don’t you think I’ve already forgiven you for the gropping post, webmaster.

      • We are friends and comrades who love Tomoko.

        We don’t need forgive each other because we never get angry each other.

      • Ofcourse, Tomoko and Yoshida looking cute as always. It’s true Yoshida x Tomoko do form a nice couple. It would be nice if someone drew a doujinshi about them two. I wonder if Tanigawa Nico relieses there’s people doing Yoshida x Tomoko fan art. I think they wouldn’t mind though.

        • It’s the typical “Shy Girl x Not so Bad Delinquent” shipping…

          A really messed one XD

    • I don’t read American comics. I used to read some comic strips such as Peanuts to learn English, but now I prefer English versions of manga.

      I loved to watch Transformers and Ninja Turtles when I was a kid.

    • Superhero comics are something I was never able to get into, because I care so much about proper story development, but superhero stories are very inconsistent. They always do strange things with their continuities, nothing is canon, and they get rebooted once every few years. There is no clear storyline to be attached to, and it’s very hard to discuss them with other people.

      Japanese comics are much more simple. They just begin and then end. Although popular series too can also fall prey to overt extensions and reboots and similar things, they do not fall anywhere on the massive scale of what DC does.

      This is why I like one-shots a lot, like The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, or Watchmen. They are always well written and drawn and have a final say in the origin story of some character.

      • I’ve heard back then in the cold war, US politicians and the church conveced the kids most comics with violents or unpatriots characters were evil.

        The kids, pushed by the feeling they could moralise adults, forced bookshoppers to give them their evil comics and burned them. They only realised what they did was stupid when it was too late, when they grown up.
        This is why we’ve mostly got ultrapatriotic characters such as superman and spiderman.

        • Spider-Man never struck me as the patriotic type… He’s just a chill nerdy photographer who tries to make a living, and is more motivated to save people from the goodness of his heart than the love for the law or country. Supes totally is patriotic though.

          If you seek a super patriotic Marvel character, there is of course, Captain America, born right in the middle of World War II and all, which served somewhat as pro-American and anti-fascist propaganda. A lot of it also made very caricatured and gruesome pictures of Japanese people, which are very uncomfortable to see. But hey, those were different times…

    • Have you guys seen that new deadpool movie trailer? It looks very interesting I believe it’s coming out February 2016.

      • I saw trailer, but I won’t watch film. I waiting for the next Punisher. Last one is boring.