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  1. Is there any virgins after 20? Or maybe after 30?

      • Happy birthday!

        I’m 23 and virgin, go figure. But I dislike this image of ‘if you don’t have sex before you’re 20, you’re a failure as a person’. Especially in modern times this is hard and perhaps somewhat meaningless to do, as it is much more rewarding to find a person you can empathise with, be deeply in love with, and form a relationship from there. I’d personally feel very uncomfortable and unfulfilled, even damaged, if I had to lose my virginity to a person I barely know and don’t love.

        I know my significant other is out there somewhere and I do not doubt for a second that I will find her someday.

        • Thank you!
          And yes I agree that it is dumb to judge others by their sex life or lack of thereof.

          • Ugh well I’m definitely not a virgin but I regret losing it early but I have my loving Fiance who I love so much soon to be married ^^

        • Thank you, webmaster!

          I’ve always liked that pic of Tomoko with the spaghetti. Shows how Tanigawa Nico care for their all their fans, Japanese and foreign alike. Seeing how we all in this forum hail from all corners of the world makes me go all warm inside.
          All for Tomoko.

      • HBD. Long live to your “V card”.

    • I prefer focuss on study and personal hobbies than sexual intercourses and alcohol.
      Dunnot yet if I’ll stay virgin for a long time, and personaly I don’t really care.

    • Does it still count losing your V-card if you put it in, but never actually came?

    • So, can you repost it here?

        • Will to show only to those who have accounts? Well, that’s bad.

          • The artist’s will not to show the pic to underage. R18 means “Restricted to those 18 years or older” in Japan.


        • Hey Webmaster, I have been wanting to ask you this for a while now. How or can we have profile pictures like yours? I wound really like to have my own profile picture. I think it would make this website more interesting if we had our own profile pictures. I also think it would be much easier to distinguish us from one another. I guess in the end it’s up to you.

    • Yuri looks cool in the first picture. She has this cool calm serious demeanor on her while listening to music. In the manga they never really did reveal what kind of music she listens to. I would really like to find out though. From my speculation I think she will most likely listen to either rock or j-pop.

      Then, out of nowhere on the second picture it shows some random guy groaping her. It ruined Yuri cool demeanor. To me it look like she was about to get raped. I understand she an awesome cool person, but geez man at least take her on a date before doing that kind of stuff to her.

    • Are you factoring seriously rebloging a raping/molesting post webmaster ?
      I’m tolerant regarding a lot of ‘unconventional’ sexual interactions, but unwanted sexual interactions must NOT be promoted!

      • truuuu, rape is a kink(which is why it’s okay in doujins), but in the outset it is not cool and should not be glorified.

        • It’s not even okay in doujins unless it’s for depict the impacts of the thing to the victim characters.

    • Do you guys like baseball? Personally, I hate it because I had bad experience with it when a was 8 years old. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was my first game and I was the last person to bat on my team. Then when my time arrived they told me to wear a helmet. I was like “No I don’t want to wear it because it’s too big, and it makes me feel stupid.” They kept pestering me to wear it. In the end I was like “Fine I’ll wear the stupid thing!” Now I’m on the field ready to bat. I look at the pitcher. Then he trows the ball, and I see it coming I try to hit it, but the freaking ball hit me straight on the head knocking me down on the floor on my butt. I was in shock. I was like “Holy shit. That would have seriously hurted if it wasn’t for this stupid helmet.” My teammates were laughing at me because I could hear them from afar. I think they thought it was funny. I was so embarrassed. In the end I think we won the game, but I vowed to never play baseball again so I quit my team and decided to play soccer because my parents liked soccer. They still do, but that’s my story about baseball. I wonder if you guys have any similar story’s. I doubt it because mines was quite embarrassing. Hehe. By the way, why are Baseball games so damn long? I hate it.

      • Baseball was never a thing in Serbia. It was always strictly an American and Japanese sport.

        In P.E. classes I would always play either soccer in the outdoors(during summer) or basketball in the indoors(during winter). I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t complain anyway, it was just a thing to do to kill time. I was appalling at both since I’m short and not agile, but in soccer I at least always insisted to be put on defense, so I could just lounge around, doing nothing, and chat with other kids who picked defense for the same reasons.

        I don’t like team sports where you’re confined to a closed location and where you can’t have direct influence on the course of the game. I prefer open-ended activities with wide locations like swimming and skiing, and I’m a master at those.

      • I’m not really into any sports. But I prefer watching baseball and playing basketball.

      • I’ve been playing baseball around 3 years in my youth.
        Only stopped because the club decided to move in America, and since it needs a lot of open space and equipment, I wasn’t enable to continue due to the lack of other clubs around. Else, I loved training myself with the bat, balls, glove, warm up run, probably one of the few points I do not share with tomoko.

        I’ve been hit many times in the head, harms and down there, but watever.

        I admit base ball is way more fun to play than to see, though.

      • I like baseball bats. That’s all that I like in baseball.

  2. Chapter 85 is out.

    >No side character appears

    I was surprised at this chapter and myself being surprised at this chapter.

    • I have no friends, so I guess it’s natural for me to think that people bond with each other just to fulfill their own interests and desires, and won’t want anything to do with the other person’s personal issues.

    • A month passed since last time I talked to my old “friend”.
      On the other hand, I would often talk to myself.
      Оп-оп, держите шизика!

  3. Woooo Webmaster New Chapter this week ^^ also im working as a Personal Assistant Now Is that White or blue collar Career?

    • Holy cheat Teddiyori I wasn’t expecting that from you.

      And █████, I KNOW you’re gonna post something here, and you better not posting shit about me, got it ?

      • *cake warehouse* like in that one episode where Tomoko goes to work at some shitty cake warehouse thinking it would be fun. That episode hit a little bit too close to home for me…hehe.

        • I’d kill to stop violence and destruction and inegality and poverty in this world.

        • I rather work at a some office than to work at some warehouse loading queen/king/custom made (depending on job order) size mattresses all night for 12 hours 6 nights a week. Getting paid $10.00 per hr. The worst injury you can get at an office is a butt-cramp. Last month some guy broke his left wrist carrying a mattress because of under staff employees. It’s sad to see what people will do for money over here in the states. I guess they work like that because of necessity.

  4. Summary of Japanese fans’ responses to Clownboss’s comment.

    4 fans think Tomoko would graduate university or junior college, and work as a corporate employee. They say Tomoko’s communication ability is improving now so she would at least get a normal job.

    1 fan thinks Tomoko would be a NEET or a part-time worker. This guy also says Tomoko’s communication ability is improving, but predicts Tomoko would fail to find a job.

    1 fan thinks Tomoko would be a volunteer for United Nations, a store employee who sells ethnic goods or a dancer.

    1 fan denies the possibilities that Tomoko would be a shut-in or a successful person.

    2 fans deny the possibility that Tomoko would work in the Military.

    In my opinion, in the fan book, Tomoko said her dream in the future was winning Akutagawa Prize though she had not written a novel yet. So I think she would be a kind of writer. Not a novelist, maybe a columnist on the Internet.

    1 fan kind of agrees with my opinion.

      • Computer Sciences, Arts or Journalism are in my opinion the fields Tomoko would be good at.

        One of my best friends is studying programming, and we are both huge fans of Watamote. Since I’m a graphic designer and video producer by day job and like cartooning as a hobby, we were both thinking of trying to make a game when we both graduate: He’d do the coding, I’d provide the artwork. I think we’d both do good since we’ve both lived our childhoods sitting in and playing video games instead of going outside and socialising…

      • It seems a lot of Japanese Watamote fans work as a programmer, a system engineer or a web designer. But they don’t think their jobs are creative.

        I’m not sure if this is only in Japan, but working in computer technology is considered as a kind of blue-collar job because their working conditions are horrible.

        • I did not know that. Here in the US he working conditions of computer workers are not as bad. Some people consider them blue collar while others classify them as white collar.

        • I’ve kinda witnessed this with Prophecy fro Tetsuya Tsutsui.

          Well, almost everyone is considered as a dog here no mater the field.

        • You know webmaster, with the exponential increase of the computed technology, computer field will significally improve inside a society in like 10 or even 5 years.

          I’ve recently learned that even now, network managers are a critical cell inside a society. But another reality is, studying programming only is not enough anymore to find a well paid and high placed job, mostly because self improving programs are going to cut the grass behind their feet.

    • That’s a lot of replies. Thanks a lot for checking into them.

      The UN store owner or dancer are two answers that pleasantly surprised me! And yet somehow I see them as being more plausable than being a plain and boring 9-to-5 office worker. I don’t think Tomoko would like that kind of life, unless it’s something that’s personally prestigious to her, like a game developer or anime studio or something.

      The fanbook said she wanted to get a literary award? That says a lot, but then if Tomoko wants to work for it, then she better start writing… or at least read plenty of books. She didn’t manage to pick up Norwegian Wood, and Komiyama is far, far more well-read than what Tomoko could catch up to at this point. Still, it’s something she could do, or at least become a columnist like you said, writing reviews or maybe being a journalist. That seems like a very possible option, considering she spends a lot of time on the Internet reading various articles.

      In the west there are a lot a people who make a living out of just writing about games, films, anime, music on websites, or who talk about them through YouTube videos. I assume there are people in Japan who do the same thing and manage to get a profit from it?

      Or what if… she decides to become a manga writer, and meets up with a manga artist, or decides to draw herself, and then makes a semi-biographical story of a lonely, unpopular girl in high school… then Watamote would definitely end full circle, haha.

      • Well if she becomes a manga writter, that’s gonna explain a whole lot of things concerning the reality of this manga.

        • Considering Tanigawa Nico is the author of Watamote I can actually see Tomoko making a living as a manga writer/artist.

    • Tomoko appears to already have a job – she’s masquerading as Kuzuha Togashi in Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! In the English dub Monica Rial uses Tomoko’s voice completely unchanged for Kazuha.

  5. @_ku_ne_TSF: “I felt sorry when I got to know the background of the signing session.”

    Tanigawa Nico: “WE are sorry. I thought I would be able to greet and speak more.”

    Translation Note: One of the bonuses of volume 8 is about the signing session

    Tanigawa Nico: “I guess it’s painful either you go to a school-trip or not when you cannot make a group. I spent free time by myself when I was a middle schooler.”

    The school-trip

    修学旅行 by 貝がらスープ on pixiv

    • The lives of the authors never stop tickling my curiosity. I want to know more about them as people, how they found each other and why they decided to take drawing manga as a day job(which I can see for them as being an important vehicle of expression, considering the subject matter of Watamote and Choku!). The omake from vol. 8 should be translated soon, I hope.

      And that’s nice artwork, but completely unintentionally it makes Tomoko look like she just smoked a mad blunt, lol.

      • According to the official fan book, they met each other at a publishing company while doing part-time job.

        They were just co-workers, but one day, the writer read Sakura Tamakichi’s manga that he drew a doujin and earned some money. The writer thought drawing manga was profitable and invited the artist because he knew she could draw.

        The artist had no dream for life, so she accepted the invitation. At that time, they were over 20 years old and had not drawn manga at all.

        • Wow!!! Once I wanted to become a mangaka but I doubted myself and because I was a left hander pretty much didn’t do that dream

    • Seriously, nobody published a photo of those two wearing a cat mask ? This could worth gold.

    • In this picture Tomoko reminds me of the biology/science teacher from the Shimoneta anime.

  6. 2nd night of the school-trip

    二日目の夜 by noe on pixiv


    Page 1

    1st Panel
    Yoshida: “I think there is no one except me who have walked for an hour carrying a person on one’s back… I’m dead now.”

    3rd Panel
    Yoshida: “She’s sleeping all by herself… I’m gonna avenge my humiliation this morning…”

    4th Panel
    Yoshida: “An eye for an eye, nipples for nipples. You can grope only if you are prepared to be groped…!”

    Page 2

    1st Panel
    Yoshida: “Well, I feel like she was doing… her best somehow today, I guess?”

    2nd Panel
    Yoshida: “However, she cannot atone for her sin of fiddling with my delicate nipples this morning by that…!”

    Last Panel
    Yoshida: “Holy shit… She is… enjoying…?”

  7. Hello Webmaster, or anyone else. I read in a translated interview that originally Tomoko was going to be drawn uglier than she is. I can’t find it, but curious if there are sketches floating around Of the original Tomoko.

    • There is not uglier Tomoko as far as I know.


      This is prototype Tomoko from the official fanbook.

      Before starting the manga, Tanigawa Nico’s editor told them make Tomoko cuter. But they didn’t want to make her too cute. So they discussed and the artist drew cuter Tomoko tentatively to deceive the editor. It was the prototype above. But when she drew the draft of the first chapter, she drew Tomoko less cute on purpose so that they could not change Tomoko’s design anymore.

        • By the way, Yuu-chan was never suppose to exist. The editor said it was too sad for Tomoko not to have at least one friend so they included Yuu-chan in the story.

      • Ah, these evil genius…
        But in a way, Watamote wouldn’t be what it is now with a normalised tomoko.

        Tanigawa are outsiders after all.

        • She was supposed to be very tall with long and messy black hair like the usual Sadako wannabe.

  8. This is a bit off topic, but regarding the last chapter, I realised not many people are abble to scratch their own back.
    Can’t you guys do that ?

    • I can reach everywhere in my back no problem. I guess it’s either because my body is so thin and flexible, or because I am so short.

      I am short and skinny just like Tomoko, embarrassingly.

    • I can scratch all of my back without difficulty. I have to stretch a bit to reach some parts. I’m not at all athletic, but I am a bit skinny. (height 176cm weight 62kg)

      But if I’m wearing big/thick/heavy clothes that impede movement, then it becomes very difficult or impossible.

  9. Square-Enix Manga CM 2015 August

    Izumi Kitta’s new voice as Tomoko!!

    • For me, Tomoko’s most occurate voice would be a pretty deep voice still one of a girl.

      Let’s see… it’s not really accurate since Tomoko is an unconfident,stressful girl, but for an example I’d say Chiaki Omigawa would be a good voice actor for her.
      But if that was the case, she would have to work a lot, because Tomoko is nothing but breast comparable to Maka or Phi.

      Also, I can say I own a lot from square enix. We’ve got so much things thanks to them… well, I still can’t forgive ‘em for the 2012 TWEWY2 fake countdown, but still.

      • Square Enix is Epic because Final Fantasy and Life Is Strange!!!! And Tomb Raider

      • Ah, so I’m not the only one. Before the anime was made, I always envisioned Tomoko as having a very deep, deadpan, unfeminine, but also a very sultry voice. Sadly at this moment I can not think of any real life example to compare it to, but I like Izumi Kitta’s acting, even if it was more high pitched from what I imagined.

        Not a big fan of Monica Rial’s depiction, it makes her sound horrendously vapid and bratty, but I can’t say it’s not accurate.

      • Yes…
        In my European point of view, Tomoko voice actors doesn’t fit at all.

  10. Yoshida x Tomoko short manga about Chapter 84

    喪84妄想編 by 海野 on pixiv


    1st Panel
    Tomoko: “Alright, I’ll give it my all today.”

    2nd Panel
    Tomoko: “Speaking of tennis…”
    Yoshida: “What is she talking about…?”

    3rd Panel
    Tomoko: “Exactly like the cavemen did!!”
    Komiyama: “Calm down…”
    Yoshida: “She’s talking something with passion… Can she speak a lot like that?”

    4th Panel
    Yoshida: “What do you mean by that expression? Do you really feel guilty?”
    Tomoko: “Yes.” “Only the relationship with this delinquent is deepening…”

    5th Panel
    Yoshida: “You were talking a lot with her (Komi). Is she your friend?”
    Tomoko: “Ah, not my friend, but she went to the same middle school as I did.”
    Yoshida: “I see.”
    Tomoko: “I wonder if this is a flag…”


    キイチヤン by noe on pixiv

    • Oooh, finally, I’m not the only one here to think Yoshida x Tomoko needs to be canon.
      I was going to post a thread about Yoshida, but looks like webmaster were faster than me.

      Yeah, I think I was wrong when I said she’s a character exactly opposite to Tomoko.
      In fact, Yoshida is indeed stronger, taller, more boyish and with a stronger aura and mind than Tomoko.

      And… this seems to scare the hell out of her comrades. She’s avoided. The normies dislike her, because she’s impulsive and looks like a delinquant. But actually she’s nice, and while she hits, she doesn’t do it for real (unlike the Mom, her punch doesn’t leave bruise on Tomoko).

      While it doesn’t seem to affect her sanity, being alone is …
      Well I guess the worst in it is the feeling the world shows no values or interest in you.
      Tomoko and Yuri are the only ones to show no avoidance in her. We doesn’t know what happened after her talk with Yoshida.

      And I whish what happened in this fan comic will become somehow canon if Tanigawa find it.

      Hey, maybe we can help a little with that ? Some people here got their tweeter, right ?

    • Oh, and….
      Thanks webmaster for the translation.
      And spooky Kii-chan is spooky.

    • Hahaha! Yoshida borrowed a book about felt plushies in that short story XD

  11. Hahaha this Chapter was really good loved it but gosh poor yuu Chan being imaged as a adult actress Tomoko went a bit far with that daydream also that scratch my back story did that really happened? And I laughed at the last story overall was very great :) hahaha Komi got burnt by Tomoko bout the BBQ gosh I could not stop laughing X3

  12. Chapter 84 is out.

    >Tomoko: “Lots of deliquents love Sanrio and Disney.”

    This was hilarious because it’s fact.


    玉入れ / Throwing Balls (actually use small bags filled with beans: Otedama)

    アメ食い競争 / Candy Eating Race

    Delinqunets wearing dog jersey

    Yuri and her friend

    田村さんと、そのご学友 by noe on pixiv

    Komi and her friend (Ito-san)

    こみちゃんと、そのご学友 by noe on pixiv

    • I’m waiting for the English translation version because unfortunately I can’t read the Japanese language.

      • Was Tomoko imagining scratching Nemo back or did that actually happen? Yoshida-san can be cruel I know it’s Tomoko fault for making such a remark, but dragging her behind the school it’s a bit too much.

        • >Was Tomoko imagining scratching Nemo back
          I think it actually happened.

          Yoshida-san might have just told Tomoko not to talk to others about her panties.

        • Yoshida never hit Tomoko too hard, anyway. I mean, Tomoko never looks beaten up after Yoshida’s… err…, “beatings” :p

    • Eeeeh ? Nani ?!
      Yuri is actually yuri ?

      And when will we have one with Yashida x Tomoko ?

    • I guess this chapter’s main purpose was a Cameo of all the people Tomoko usualy get involved with…

      But this time, I can’t say I’m really happy.
      Man… f*ck, she’s so like the real me it hurts. This caveman story, those bad memories of the past. I feel like crying just now.

      • “Cameo of all the people Tomoko usualy get involved with…”

        I’m beginning to suspect Imae-senpai got axed by the authors. Her last appearance was in chapter 55.

    • I like those random events chapters, and I must say I like the immense cast of characters they put out here. I laughed out for real when Tomoko was roasting Komiyama with the cavemen talk. It takes real artistry to be that sarcastic and trolling.

      Also that part in the ending when she’s thinking about talking to boys sounds really ominous…

      • This chapter is the best over all. If you ask me I think Tomoko finally got popular. Just look at how many people she interacted with in a day except with yoshida-san ofcourse. Who cares if she didn’t get to talk to any boys in the end. If her classmates see her being more interactive with people they might just talk to her too. Maybe even some boys might talk to her as well, but I doubt it. In real life this can actually happen. I’ve been reading Watamote for so long that I know that’s not going to happen unless her brother brings some of his friends over to the house.

        • “Maybe even some boys might talk to her as well, but I doubt it. In real life this can actually happen. I’ve been reading Watamote for so long that I know that’s not going to happen.”

          Why not? At least 3 boys talked with her in a friendly and meaningful manner: the Umbrella Boy (until Kii-chan disaster), that loner graduating senpai (chapter 37), and that young adult worker with otaku tastes (chapter 44).

          I’m talking about “actual conversations”. Boyfriends and such would be a bit of a stretch right now.