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  1. I can’t wait!!! Webmaster looking forward to seeing you upload a pic of chapter 78!!!

    • Each volume contains about 10 chapters, so maybe from Chapter 67 to 76 including Special chapter 4.

      I expect that volume 8 will be released along with Tomomote volume 1, though there is no info about their releases yet.

  2. Wouldn’t it be cool if number girl made a cameo appearance in watamote webmaster?

    • I think it would be more cool if all Number Girls were Tomoko’s clone and grown Komiyama was their teacher.

      Oh, this may be the simplest way to explain what Number Girl is! ( ゚Д゚)

      • Wow, I wish it’ll be translated someday.

        Well, talking about cameo, I’ve noticed they made one of Another and also Mekaku City Actor too.

      • I wonder…
        well, that would be great if they didn’t skip the rest of the night, because I want them to have a serious talk with Tomoko.

  3. Hello, thank you very much for all your work, I followed this site for a long time and has been very useful, but this time I come to ask a favor. I am Principeinquisidor, creator of Kochi Scanlation, a page dedicated to the series of Kazuto Okada, ie, a place like this site. Some time ago I read an interview about the duo Nico Tanigawa, where I read something that shows that the world is a handkerchief: the artist likes Sundome and this is a series of Kazuto Okada. My request then is if you can translate the part mentioning Sundome and the part is:



    原作 「天 天和通りの快男児」は好きです。それの最終巻に、赤木の「人生の実」についての話があって「ちゃんと生きていればいい」みたいな良い言葉があるんですが、そのおかげで、「漫画を描いてもいい」という考えになりました。

    作画 世界観が好きなのは「スヌーピー」のアニメです。大人の顔を出さず、大人の声をなんの言葉にもしていないんです。「ちょく!」や「私モテ」もそうですけど、自分たち以外の言葉や世界のものが目に入らないような感じが好きです。「すんドめ」も同じ理由で好きです。


    原作 一般誌でした。

    作画 100冊刷って……。

    原作 2冊しか売れなくて……。残りは持ち帰りました。まだ家にあると思います。


    原作 見せるのは恥ずかしいです。

    The link to the full interview is as follows: http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1206/27/news019_3.html

    In advance I thank you for your attention.

    • Interviewer: “Please tell us your favorite works or works inspired you to become manga artists.”

      Writer: “I love Ten: Tenhōdōri No Kaidanji. In the final volume of it, Akagi talked about his philosophy of life and said ‘If you just try, that’s enough for life.’ I love this word and I came to think that I could be a manga artist.”

      Artist: “I love the atmosphere of Peanuts anime. There is no adults or words of adults. Like Choku! and Watamote, I love the atmosphere that consists of only main characters and they don’t see words or things by others. I love Sundome, too, because of the same reason.

      Interviewer: “You’ve published a doujin of Maria-sama ga Miteru before, right?”

      Writer: “Not lewd one.”

      Artist: “We made 100 copies…”

      Writer: “And sold only 2 copies… We brought back the rest home. I think they are still there.”

      Interviewer: “Maybe you can sell them at high price now.”

      Writer: “It’s embarrassing to show them.”

      • I can definitely see how the Watamote authors can be fans of Peanuts. It was the the earliest comic to depict such detailed thought processes of nervousness.

      • I always stated that Watamote is the Charlie Brown of the east. Although I feel Tomoko’s pain, she brings it on herself. Charlie Brown was worst in a lot of ways, he gets picked on and has a good nature, Tomoko is selfish and a bit of a B. But both always try.

        • For me, the eastern counterpart of Tomoko is Greg Heffley from diary of a wimpy Kid.

        • You can’t really compare Watamote to peanuts.

          Tomoko is much more intersting than the utterly boring “I can’t kick a football” chalie brown. Also, most of the Peanuts comics is more about that annoying dog Snoopy than charlie brown. Keep your Peanuts s**t out of here.

      • Thank you very much for the translation, it will be very useful. Indeed, Sundome is very focused on members of the Roman Club and especially in the two protagonists, although parents of Hideo seemed to me a few bastards, xd. Actually I would love to buy a doujinshi by Nico Tanigawa, who will have been the two lucky ?, XD

  4. Thank yuu guys for awesome comments it’s,helped me not to be ashamed oh btw Tanigawa nico replied I was like WOW!!!!!!

      • It’s in Japanese aha but I translated one word from the reply arigatou imasu the rest I didn’t get cause of Kanji and kanji is hard :/

        • That’s great TN replied to you, but If I had a Twitter account I would have asked them something more interesting like for example “Would we ever get to see all of Tomoko middle school friends make an appearance in the story?” I think that would be interesting to find out.

  5. Webmaster umm do you think it’s odd for an adult to like watamote well since I’m one aha

    • I’m almost 19 1/2 and I’m still reading watamote, and seriously what exactly is your definition of ‘odd’ ?

      Is this because TV says computers, video games, anime and manga are for sociopaths weirdos ?
      Well, don’t trust TV that much, son’t forget TV is a One-way media, unlike internet and everything related to Pop-culture, and they’re afraid it might decrease drastically the number of watchers, so they’re losing money, because TV is almost nothing but advertisment more or less desguised, after all.

      So no, it’s not ‘odd’ or ‘weird’ to like a manga, because it’s part of you.

    • I don’t think it is at all personally, because Watamote touches such an important issue(neurosis, social anxiety) that more people need to be aware of. I’m 22 myself, but reading Watamote for me has been a source of major relief: It helps me know that I’m definitely not the only person who’s been going through troubles in high school and that it is in fact common and very normal. And for other people who do not relate to Tomoko, it might be helpful to them to understand the perspective of people who distance themselves so much from society, so that they may know how to communicate with them.

      • Totally okay with you about the fact Tomoko is a very relatiable character for people experiencing social anxiety, but I’m (sadly) not really okay about the last part.

        I know watamote since november 2012 and I had various occasions to talk about it with other people… aaaand I think people don’t even tried to understand.

        Most of the time I had answers like “Hue yes this manga… well I’ve only read a couple chapters, the girl’s eyes is scary”, or “She’s not making any efforts, I’d never get along with people like her”

        I understand Watamote is a story of a denial, and Tomoko (like most people like her) needs to makes efforts to get along with people, like stopping being selfish and don’t pick fight with people for your own interest, but still, Tomoko isn’t full of shit, and still people treat her as a weirdo, not even trying to understand how she feels.

        • (Sorry for my sorry Engrish XD)

          Chapter 37 is a reminder than she can be nice at times too.

          32.5 is another chapter where nasty Tomoko wasn’t present. She was genuinely excited about that party. She even improved her looks. Sadly, that ending was utterly depresing… Don’t chiken out so soon, Tomoko :(

        • Well yes, it’s perfectly natural for most people that they can’t bear to read Watamote because Tomoko is such an anti-hero. But it has less to do with the cringeful subject matter and more with the fact that they can not relate to such a protagonist. How Tomoko thinks, operates, the reasons why she does these things – it is completely unknown to them. It’s an enigma. They often think she is insane. They can not comprehend or understand how a person as socially unadjusted like Tomoko can exist in this universe, but the sad fact is, there are millions of people out there that are just like Tomoko, and ignoring them would be ignoring the elephant in the room.

          If they don’t make an atempt to understand where introverted people like Tomoko are coming from, in the future they will suddenly be surrounded by all these weird introverted people who seem to talk in their own language and hate saying formalities like ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you?’. And that is because these people percieve themselves as weak and inadequate, and they immediately assume the real world is way out of their league and does not want them, or that it only accepts people that are succesful, popular, extroverted etc. because media tells them so. And these are the future generations that will take the world in their hands! They need to be given proper encouragement and to realise that there is place for them in this world, and that they too can be respected, beloved, and fulfilled. It is in large part Tomoko’s fault that she’s too egotistical and proud to communicate and appreciate kindness given to her, but it is equal parts the fault of other people that they don’t want to make an attempt to bridge a gap and understand these introverts. And why would they want to have anything to do with such an irrational person? And why would an outcast like Tomoko want to do with society if it will only reject them? It’s a cycle that feeds itself.

          And this is why I think Watamote is an important document, it is bold, unpretentious, and a brutally honest portrait of a person. If readers who can not relate can handle it or not is up to them honestly, but as this video says at the end, around 5:43: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOBtbi3kgkw

          “At some point in your life you will meet a person just like Tomoko, and you will need to know how to react accordingly.”

    • I’m 48 and have been watching anime since Marine Boy was on UK TV in the 1970’s. I still can’t think of a good reason to stop watching anime.

  6. Tanigawa Nico: “I had thought that the school trip arc would end around 3 chapters. I don’t know why, but it happened to be long. I’d like to draw Yuu-chan not only on the cover art but also on the manga after Tomoko is back.”

    • Well, since this school trip arc broke a really bad loop of unfortune into the manga, I’m okay if you guys still continue the school trip.

      Tomboy and Btrayd could actually have some influence in Tomoko-san, since Tomboy is a hot blooded character and Btrayd a very adaptative girl.

      I think this is a good combinaison if you (finally) decide to evolve Tomoko.

    • Hah. But we don’t mind it at all, the school trip arc is very exciting, and it should rightfully be long. It has so much potential for a sinlge, continuous story, something that an episodic series like Watamote is finally ripe for.

      • If they see your tweet maybe Tanigawa Nico will be surprised that there’s a website dedicated for Watamote. It might even inspire them a little. By the way what did you tweet?

        • I send tweets occasionally to Tanigawa herself. If it’s a question that can be replied to, most of the time she does that.

          Plus I’m pretty sure they know this site exists. It’s an official forum if I’m not mistaken.

          • But it’s a unofficial site.
            It’s a good thing she replies, because most of the time when someone ends up being well know, he/she doesn’t respond to PMs anymore or use auto-reply messages.

          • Ah, is it? With the domain name being plainly watamote.com it sounds like the kind of site that would be endorsed by Square Enix or something.

          • This is an unofficial fansite (´・ω・`)

            The domain of the official site is watamote.jp. I didn’t think Watamote would be animated and become popular when I launched this site.

            I’m just a fan of Watamote and I don’t know if they know this site. I’ll be very honored if they do. But I’m already satisfied because a lot of fans know my site and I can talk with them about Watamote.

      • To Teddiyori

        I’ll translate their message for you if they reply. I guess it’ll be a simple one, though.

        • Umm I said thanks for making a great Manga I’ve really enjoyed it and keep up the good work so that what I said webmaster

  7. Chapter 77 is out.

    >Chapter 77 has 16 pages in all

    This chapter was amazing. Yuu and Komi in the cover art, Simple-face chan wearing NOT-simple clothes, Tomoko’s cute sleeping face, OGINO DID IT AGAIN, Tomoko bought a pay-per-view card for porn, and Delinquent-chan was actually pure maiden.


    The bread Tomoko eating: Nice Stick by Yamazaki Baking

    • Webmaster, I have a question.
      Are these chapters published monthly from Tanigawa/third party group, or are they published from compete volume later scanned monthly,cleaned and published ?

      Sorry for the bad english, I hope you’ll get my question.

      • Watamote is a free webcomic, and all the newest chapters can always be read here: http://www.ganganonline.com/comic/watashiga/

        Also, wonderful chapter. It shows a realistic and insightful look into high school field trips and how characters like Tomoko experience it. I also like how Tamura, Yoshida and =D get some alone time of their own.

      • Thank you guys (*´ω`*)

        New chapters of Watamote usually come out on the first and third Thursday of each month. They skip one of them occasionally, though. The release date of next chapters is on the last page of each chapter.

        I guess English scanlations come out one or two days later from Japanese releases.

    • Wow, indeed this chapter is really good.
      At the end… well, I think the “trip tournabout” she’s expecting will be that she’ll finish the whole 2 days left into the infirmary…

    • This chapter was a really good actually, i’m quite satisfied with it.

      I personally thought the highlight was when =D got that punch, lol. poor girl, but nonetheless really funny.

      ..Tomoko never changes, does she? buying a paid card for adult channels is something only she would do, after all.

      One thing that i thought was really nice, is that Tomoko is still keeping up hopes, while being realistic at the same time. i thought this was a unusual moment, as her thoughts often are either very grandiose or just incredibly pessimistic. It’s nice to see that she still has her optimism, and contuniues to at least hope for something. it actually makes me feel a bit bad for her, when i think of it..

      That yuu-chan cover was really adorable!

      It’s funny how the teacher totally inverted a somewhat typical anime trope when she was talking with yuri and yoshida..because usually, you see this “take care of her, okay?” and it gets treated like a deep moment or something. But as this is watamote, it comes off as really embarrassing instead, hahah! stay classy watamote. : >

      • Yeah, Tomoko in that page looked so hurt, like a small animal getting choked to death. Somehow blocking her eyes in that panel raises the effect of that awful feeling.

        Sneaking out during night was so exciting, and I wish their adventure had worked and gone unnoticed.

        • The begining of chapter was funny. Damm, that elbow must’ve been hurt a lot.

          Also, the homeroom teacher gets too nosy at times. Tomoko’s reaction to the teacher’s comments was funny. Too bad she didn’t get to experience a field trip-espue thing.

    • Webmaster that was a funny chapter especially when Tomoko bought a Porn card XD anyway I laughed sooo much now I’m looking forward to Chapter 78 two days left of the School trip :)

      • Butter cream, with various flavors. Nice Stick is one of the most popular snack breads in Japan.

  8. My girlfriend as a friend currently working in Tokyo for the next three years. Wee need to visit her ! Watamote, Akibarangers… I want to be there and feel what it’s like.

  9. I’m looking forward to this chapter I’m just hopefully hopefully that Tomoko will have something changed by the end of the School trip

    • Well, maybe and maybe not.
      Depends if those 3 will have a real conversation/argument. The Tomboy seems to have enouth guts to point out every defaults of Tomoko, and don’t forget Watamote is a story of a denial.

      Tomoko’s a child after all. Childs always deny one’s mistakes, but in the end, they can’t blame Jupiter.

  10. Webmaster May is nearly here!!! Looking forward to this Month’s chapter!!!!

      • Webmaster, your English is getting really good these days. This particular comment from you struck me as being especially natural looking. Good work.

        (I didn’t mean to be patronizing or nasty or anything like that with this comment.)

      • May is the best, because we’re mostly school-free and the weather begins to be really warm , along with June, but most of my exams happens in June.

      • Depends of were you go and what kind of thread you watch.
        Plus, they’re remain of a past,better internet, were everything is free and were you can talk anonymously.

        Now, we have the NSA and Valls Onii-san and Google.

  11. Webmaster, I’m curious, do you find it hard to understand 4chan’s lingo? I see you often look through threads and translate comments for Japanese fans which I find very commendable, but I think it must also be unimaginably hard for you, too.

    Even for native English speakers, it’s very hard to penetrate and understand 4chan. It has its own personal sense of humour which you can only understand if you’ve visited the site regularly for a year or two, and having a critical, ironic, and sarcastic sense of humour helps too(which is, I guess, also a reason why so many of them relate to Tomoko).

    I have been posting on 4chan for a good 7 years now, and essentially nothing is unknown to me, but it did consume a good chunk of my time as a retort, heheh. If you need anything clarified though, feel free to ask us.

    • Thank you.

      I’ve been watching 4chan threads since I became a fan of Watamote in 2012. At first, it was surely hard to understand for me, but it’s not so hard now.

      We have 2ch and 2chan that have their own sense of humour, too. I think they share a lot of similarity with 4chan. So I translate 4chan threads into Japanese by using 2ch and 2chan languages.

      The funny thing is, once an anon said that 2chan might be better than 4chan, but a Japanese fan said 4chan was better than 2chan, and I personally think they are almost the same.