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  1. Someone’s made some plushies of our beloved unpopular girl.

    Here’s a quote from the thread:

    “I just finished her last night, so as of now that’s the only one in existence. I plan on getting a table at this year’s Youmacon to sell my plushies. I’m trying to build up a stock for the convention so I’m not selling any online at the moment, sorry…”

    – PinkuNeko

    • I don’t really like Kii-Chan,
      she’s a creepy girl when with think of it. She sneaks around someone else life (ie Tomoko), and she’s toying Tomoko since she discovered she became quite gloomy.

      I mean, maybe, as a child, she wants to help her cousin, but I’m sure she’s doing it for herself in the end, and this is pretty creepy.
      And frankly, I think she’s mean. Forgetting the fact she’s always judging her cousin, she does nasty jokes and force Tomoko into situations she doesn’t want to go.
      She’s not nice.

  2. Chapter 76 is out.

    I think not many people like Nishin-soba. I haven’t heard of Tofu-ankake-soba before, though. As the Japanese proverb goes, “There is no delicious food in famous local dishes.”


    ・Tofu-ankake-soba (soba noodles with tofu in thickend soup with starch)

    ・Nishin-soba (soba noodles with glaced herring)

    ・Fushimi Inari-taisha

    ・Path to the summit of Mt. Inari

    • Looks like today’s chapter is with an angry Tomoko.

      Btw, in France, it’s considered pretty racist to associate japanese/chinese with proverbs now, thanks to the amounth of clichés movies we watched in the 80s/90s

      Webmaster, are you asian ? You seems to have very strong knowledge in Japanese and actual stuff related to Japan.

    • Well, today’s chapter was satisfying.
      I though Tomoko would act like a a******, but she didn’t, she acted more like the child she is.
      I’ll leave a longer comment on /gspl/ soon.

      Though, I think Tomoko has a really weak constitution, she’s very skinny, subject to heat strokes, and she hurt herself very easely (nosebleed, ankle sprain), and I’m not talking about these heavy bags.
      I think she has some kind of anemia, but nobody seems to notice, not even her.

      • didn’t she say that she was anemic in the anime though? I can’t for the life of me remember if it was the anime or the manga in hi

    • When I look at this chapter I see all the essential things that make a good Watamote formula all rolled into one chapter:

      -An insight into Tomoko’s psyche, her needs and fears
      -Her radical and neurotic reactions to those fears
      -Her inconveniencing of other people
      -Tomoko’s just deserts for that same inconveniencing
      -Teenage trash talk(and just the kind I like, too, though this is largely in part to translation liberties)
      -And yet a satisfying and hopeful resolve

      This chapter worked well as a closed system and still had the time to introduce all these themes in it. It’s brilliant.

    • At least Tomoko can speak with her group without sluttering too much. She’s slowing getting over her social anixty.

    • Yeah, thank god. I’m more than accepting of these long waits if it means Taingawa gives us longer chapters with better artwork, but she’s probably just too busy drawing Number Girl and Tomomote.

    • 0_o
      oh gosh, my brain is destroyed for good now.
      Well, this fit with the joke from people saying Tomoko’s actually trap/futa

    • Is there anyway you could give us a link to the mixtape? I would very much like to listen to it.

    • Did your friend actually made a mixtape? If so, would mind sharing it with us?

      • Nah, my friend (the photographer) decided to make a ridiculous parody of the title and have the coser replicate some “thuggish” hip-hop album cover.

        I believe my friend is in the “post processing” phase with the other set of pictures that were taking. I just thought this one in particular was hilarious.

    • Soo Coool!! I reposted the tweet on the Japanese forum of this site.

    • Hi everyone, the Tomoko crossplayer here!
      My friends and I decided to wander around the city to get a handful of shots done in various locations such as, Book Off, McDonalds, and other places that *could* be something out of the manga; the weather was very nice (and windy) so there was a lot to be done. My friend wanted to test out his new lens; the shoot lasted about eight~twelve hours (a lot of walking was done), also this was my second attempt at crossplaying.

      Some notable things from the shoot:
      1.) Many people throughout the day knew I was cosplaying as Tomoko (which was surprising, because I thought I wasn’t supposed to be popular.)
      2.) I was quite “convincing” and stayed in character throughout the day. During the McDonalds shoot, one of the workers at the establishment gave me a catcall (which was COMPLETELY unexpected); successful trap is successful, I suppose haha.

      • I almost fell for it. Hehe..I’m impressed though cosplaying different genders is not that easy afterall.

        • I have to admit, crossplaying is quite difficult since you really need to cover every aspect of the opposite gender. I had to put myself outside of my “comfort zone” and just go with the flow.

          The one thing that kind of sucks is that you can’t really see my emerald circle lens and the eyebags makeup. It’s okay though haha.

          • I imagine you also gave the McDonald employee your number as well. haha. If it’s only your second time cosplaying why pick tomoko? By the way whom did you cosplay first?

          • Well I’ve cosplayed Minato from Persona 3 and Hazama from Blazblue in the past but they weren’t that great to be honest.

            This is my first time taking a stab at crossplaying; the debut was at a major gaming festival in Baltimore called “MAGFEST”, and the second time was in my hometown. I chose Tomoko to be my first crossplay because I really enjoy reading the manga, and I can relate to Tomoko on a personal level; if anything, I felt very motivated to pull off this crossplay and I was glad things went as planned haha.

    • As long as it’s related with Watamote, almost everything is welcome. Something pornographic or illegal is not allowed, though.

    • I am the owner of the /tomoko/ board on 8chan


      Technically pornography is allowed but they keep it all in one thread. This is of course a chan, so they might come off as a bit rude but thats just how they are

      • May I introduce your board to Japanese fans? I’m thinking that it would be great if we had a place for mutual communication.

        I love chan boards and I don’t hate lewd things. It’s simply due to the TOS of my server.

        • yes of course, im not sure how we’d get across the language barrier though

          • Thank you. And I added a link to your board on the bottom right of this site.

            A lot of Japanese are interested in overseas anime/manga fans and some of them visit 4chan, MAL or reddit. Although not many of them post their comment, I think 8chan is easier than 4chan to post a comment for Japanese fans.

            I’m not sure how many people will acutally go, though, I’ll make a blog post to introduce your board.

    • I’m ambidex, but I use left hand while writing with pencils (I write on the black board with my right hand though) so I can understand the pleasure to know the artist is left handed.

      Tanigawa (artist) is the ultimate proof we can draw nice things while being left handed.
      Tomoko’s often disformed in the anga, but the artist overall art is well shaped.

  3. @8mevius: “And you are husband and wife, right? Please do your best.”

    Tanigawa Nico: “Although we are not husband and wife, we’ll do our best.”

    • Man,
      I always loved how Tanigawa could actually be manga people themselves.
      By the way, I alway wondered if the Artist was female, I searched a bit moar ‘bout them, but never found concrete answer about their own gender.

        • Aaha!
          Oh well thanks for the confirmation. These two form a unique synergy, and I hope they’ll still manage to work together for a long time.

        • So, the DO actually talk to press:-) Is there any possibility to find a translation for this one?

          • I translated it 2 years ago as a part of my English training and for anons on 4chan.

            Even I can recognize the translation was very bad, though, I republish it until the end of this month.

            ・Interview with Tanigawa Nico on weekly playboy (English translation)
             https://watamote.com/interview-with-tanigawa-nico-weekly-playboy/ Deleted

    • Thank you for your kindness. But I think I’m being supported enough now. Please don’t worry about that.

    • In France, figurines are so expensive you can’t afford to buy much, so most people don’t buy ‘em at all.

      And honestly, french,regular people are so scornful about pop-cultrure that owning some chara figurines would easily turn you into a creep weirdo…

      • Ironic considering the French have one of the most enduring creative presences in comic books and games and are currently one of the biggest comic markets too.

        • You sure you don’t confuse with belgium comics ?
          Because Tintin, Gaston, the smurth, it’s belgium.

          Indeed, in france there’s a lot of comic artist, but many of them are only published in france, if they are published….

          • Oh yeah, I’m aware about the exclusivity. You should really try to export more of that stuff honestly, I know lots of people who’d kill for French comics.

          • Expect nothing from the Frenchs…
            We can’t even protect ourselves against a surveillance dystopia, because we’re only focussed on money, facebook, and beer party at friday night, so do you really think we are open minded enough to export our stuff foreingn ?

    • I kinda like this character.
      She’s like a “light” Tomoko in a way, since she prefers being alone, she’s a Otaku and share more or less the same tastes as Tomoko and share the , but still able to talk to people ( as seen in ch 74 p3) .

      Yes, Komi and Tomoko are pretty much the same.
      I think this is why their respective aura piss ‘em off, but still can’t be simple ennemies.

      I still can’t get her taste in Tomoki, though…

  4. Hello,
    I found this forum since quite some time now, but I never decided to comment on it till now.
    Well, I’m a huge fan of Watamote, and I don’t think I spend more than 3 days without watching something related to it.
    I dont really think I’ll post by myself any news here, but I’ll rather comment other entries time per time.

    Pleased to meet you, anyway.

    • He isn’t a canonical character, and to my knowledge he wasn’t written in by Tanigawa Nico..

      And personally, I’d rather not have him in.

  5. I have heard about a Komiyama spin-off of the manga in some places, can somebody confirm this to me? I could not find any realible information about it. And is “It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Not Popular” still going?

    • >It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Not Popular

      In short, Tomomote, is still going on Gangan Joker. I think the Komiyama spin-off means Tomomote because there is no other spin-off of Watamote.

  6. Hey webmaster is there any way we can support Tanigawa Nico? I remember a few months ago we were able to send letters to them.

    • You can send your message to their twitter account. I think one of them can read simple and easy English somehow. Although they usually reply in Japanese, if you want, I will translate their twitter message into English for you.

      To support them financially, let’s buy the official goods of Watemote. For example, if you buy a Japanese comic, the authors get about 10% of its price as royalty. I don’t know about royalties of English comics, please tell me if someone knows.