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  1. Tanigawa Nico: “I fell from my bicycle and got a crack in a bone. Now I look like a Chuunibyou.”

    Tanigawa Nico: “Thank you for worrying about me. I broke my dominant hand, but I’m the writer, so no need to worry so much.”

  2. Okay…. so Tomoko didn’t want to hang out with her group because they have friends so she ran away from them. But when Komi was considering letting Tomoko join her group… she ran back to the deliquent and the black haired girl? Geez Tomoko, why dosen’t she just accepts Komi as a friend too?

    • (sorry for my sorry english :p)

      I’m sure Tomoko will eventually accept Komiyama… but getting out of her (venomous) comfort zone is currently more important. Komiyama can wait.

      Those two girls can be the first step in that journey… for good or bad.

      • Speaking of that, Tomoko didn’t have much interactions with the simple girl (third member of her group). Hopefully they will interact more in an upcoming chapter.

        • I think Simple is actually a mean person.
          She’s putting a constant happy face mask, but she’s hateful towar her comrades.

          She refuses any interraction and consideration, and even betrays them for being hit by mistake.

          • SimpleFace-chan (a.k.a. Sasaki) isn’t even a new character…

            Chapter 59, first page. Same attitude.

            She was the “Third Wheel” in that bus trip, and the “Fifth Wheel” in the school trip. Coincidence?

          • So her name is Sasaki? Well, let’s see if the author gives her a little more focus in an upcoming chapter.

            @Bagamman, I think she ditched the group just because she was mad at the girl who accidently hit her in the gut. We don’t know if she’s really a ‘mean’ person yet.

  3. Guys I cried at last part cause it means Tomoko is cared for those people really went looking for her and I just cried idk why but man I just could not stop crying anyway Great Chapter I believe Tomoko is now on the right Path from this day forward!

    • Yeah…
      well let’s hope the third and last year of HS for Tomoko will be the one she’ll gradualy fix herself thanks to her comrades.

        • I have feeling Tomoko is going to stop talking to them after the trip but since their classmates they might talk to each other now and then. I guess we will find out in the next chapter.

          • Sadly, it happened in last year chapters regarding the beautiful senpai president girl.

            Honestly, I was half expecting a flirt relationship between ‘em, or at least more interractions, as she said herdelf “they’re friends”.

            Well let’s hope Tanigawa will increase chapters involving Tomboy and Btrayd

    • What a coincidence. My birthday is in July, too. In fact, my birthday is the 2nd of July, the very same day that chapter 80 is released.

  4. Chapter 79 is out.

    This chapter was so great! I think it might be a turning point of Tomoko’s school life.

    >最新コミックス第8巻 & GCJ『トモモテ』8月22日発売!!

    Watamote comic volume 8 and Tomomote comic will come out on August 22nd!!

    I hope Yen Press will publish Tomomote English comic, too.



    Shrine in the cover art

    Kameishi (Turtle Stone) at Nonomiya Shrine

    Arashiyama District

    Togetsukyo (Moon Crossing Bridge)


    • That Komi-something and her weird but cool fashion sense XD

      I will wait for the English translation, though :p

    • Wow, a chapter ending with Tomoko along with her party ?
      What happened here ?

      /gspl/ gotta be fast here.
      Also, chap 80 in about a month ? probably a long chapter expected.

      • Hurry up Gospel, pleeease!

        I have no idea what happened in the ending, but I’d wager Tomoko didn’t want to look like a loner in front of Komi, or she didn’t want to associate herself with her because she’s so open with her otaku attitude, or both.

        This looks like a really impressive and deep chapter, which is why I need to see it translated immediately.

          • Gospel are doing a good job releasing as quickly as they do. I’m pretty sure they’ve got busy lives to deal with as well as the manga work, which they do in their free time.

            This chapter had a number of redraws in it as well.

        • “I have no idea what happened in the ending, but I’d wager Tomoko didn’t want to look like a loner in front of Komi, or she didn’t want to associate herself with her because she’s so open with her otaku attitude, or both.”

          I think Tomoko didn’t want to be pitied by Komiyama.

          She’s more or less thinking:

          (Warning: Rough translation incoming XD)

          “Don’t you dare pity me! I don’t need your help!”

          • For the very once in a while, I couldn’t restrain myself and I watched the original.

            And I’m impressed of the amounth of Background they made in so little time.

    • Ah yeah man PENIS! Yes! I hope tomomote gets an official translation by yen press. I miss tomomote, it’s been so long since the last fan translation came out.

    • I guess Tanigawa heard their readers so Tomoko’s starting to befriend with her classmates.

      I was expecting this for 3 years, I think I don’t realise it yet it’s finally happening.
      I hope she’ll not waste this new opportunity.

    • I’ve read the chapter now, it was brilliant. Tomoko’s smile on the last page is so cute. I hope Tomoko and the other two girls remain friends after the school trip ends.

    • Another great chapter. Web master, it seems that Komi dresses in a very distinct style, everyone else. Everyone else appears normal. Are there girls that dress like that in Japan. Also, I heard Komi-something is getting a spin off, is that true?

      • There are girls called “Ban-gya (Band gal)”, who love Visual kei band.

        Some of them wear Gothic Lolita and some of them look like Komi. I don’t know if Komi loves Visual kei or not, but I think Komi’s fashion style is a visible symptom of her Chuunibyou.

        There is no spin-off of Watamote other than Tomomote. Its plot is about middle school days of Tomoko, Yuu and Komi.

  5. Even if it tends to varie to blue or green/blue , Tomoko’s eyes are confirmed plain green (at least in the anime).
    I was wondering if in Japan, it’s pretty frequent to see people with natural green or blue eyes.

    Webmaster, what do you think ?

    • Almost all Japanese people have brown eyes, though we call them black. They say there are some people who have blue or green eyes, especially in Kyushu and Tohoku regeion. But I haven’t met them yet.

    • Usually characters in anime have exotic eye and hair colours to give them individual looks, personality, or help them diferentiate from one another, but in case of Tomoko, a murky green suits her. I can’t really imagine her with any other eye colour. I think it’s a colour that shows she’s young and has a sharp wit with a creative way of looking at things, but it also reflects her toxic personality. Komiyama has purple eyes on the vol. 6 cover which I think is a fine choice. It shows her prudence, intelligence and depth. In the anime Yuu is shown as having brown eyes, a natural and earthy colour since she’s the most normal of the three.

      Another thing I’ve noticed in Watamote is that nearly 90% of the cast have naturally black hair colours which is really refreshing to see, since I’m a bit tired how other anime have such unnatural eye colours like blue, purple, etc., though I suppose this is more out of convenience for the manga’s art style which uses strict black and white. But even if the characters do have dyed hair(like Yuu and Yoshida), they are always blond, which is a natural choice for anyone who wants to dye their hair.

      • Komi probably wears colored contacts.
        I’ve heard it’s pretty popular in Asia, and when the product is well made, it doesn’t discomfort its user, as such you can year them everyday.
        This eye color meaning theory is interesting, and I think Tomoko’s eyes being “raw” is the symbol of tomoko being unfinished, meaning she didn’t fully grow up yet and still have a long way to go to be open to the world.

        About the hair, I remember some fans tended to draw Tomoko with purple hair before the anime was out and made her pinch black hair canon.

  6. Webmaster New Chapter this Week and it’s June this week Webmaster umm we should have a poll to see what month us viewers were born :)

    • June is the best month ever.
      Just one week to go, and I’m free.

      I’ll work for some weeks this vacations. Maybe as something like working with milkmen, but I hope this June will be no comedy.

    • I’m pleased with the speed the English volumes have been catching up to the latest chapters. This is very possible.

    • As an e-book, I think it’s possible. But it’s unlikely as a paper book.

  7. We need,Tomokos beats by dre Made!!! That would be cool! Agree webmaster awesome that Chapter 79 is out week!

  8. Chapter 78 was,Short but it was good bout Tomoko recalling a past time do you ever do that webmaster reminisce bout stuff like that?

    • Mimicking a fart sound with an arm? Of course I did.

      Tomoko in this chapter is more like a grade school boy than a high school girl (>_<)

      • Tomoko was always kinda gender neutral.

        Even if sometime she wants to be more ladylike, whom she probably became afraid of when she failed at the very begining of the serie, and probably why she’s living like a late child even if she’s like 17.

        This is why she needs friends to help her being more mature.
        I seriously had enough of this loneliness, and I think while the second year was some kind of a transition, the third ( probably the last) year of HS needs to be a concrete advancement.

        She still has a long way to go, even if she’s gotten way better than her late 15-16, and I think if she’s maturing in her head, her body will mature as well.

  9. New autograph art by Tanigawa Nico

    Seiji Matsumoto is the drummer of a Japanese rock band, the telephones, and a big fan of Watamote.

      • I’m not really into music. Sometimes I listen to hit songs and anime songs, but that’s all.

        You guys?

        • Music is a big, big passion of mine. I listen to complete albums and various genres, from classical and jazz to indie rock and experimental music, but always the artists that appeal to me the most are those simple 60s pop groups with beautiful harmonies. Some of my favourite groups are The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Oasis(a source of much ridicule among my friends, admitedly). I also love John Fahey and Beethoven a lot.

          A lot of times I was pondering what a lonely teenager like Tomoko would listen to and I threw a drawing of her with some vinyls from some western groups I imagined she’d like or find relatable.


          It’s something of a stereotype here that introverted teenagers and hipsters love to listen to The Smiths, Joy Division and Radiohead, but they are amazing groups regardless. I have also put a Slint album in there(Spiderland), because it has one song in particular that talks about the feeling of paranoia and social anxiety. It has creepy lyrics and atmosphere and I’m sure Tomoko would love it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-T63_DK8hc

          Later I found out from a source in Anthology that the authors said her favourite artist was GAS, an ambient music artist. Which I’m kinda glad because I like GAS too, but also disappointed I have missed the mark and already sent that art to Tanigawa as fanmail, lol.

          The fact the Anthology bonus content never got proper scanlation concerns me a lot. I heard there was even a personality quiz on it which I’d love to see.

          • There is no personality quiz or questionnaire in the Anthology. I think it’s the official fan book.

            In the fan book, the authors said that Tomoko’s favorite music genre is anime songs. However, the fan book is full of texts, so I cannot remember all of them.

          • OH MAN! ive seen your art!
            you should do one with her parodying Neutral Milk Hotel! like she’s potato girl or something

        • For me, music is a big part of my life. I listen to music a lot (mostly music from old video games, but I listen to all other kinds of music too) and I play the bass guitar, but I’m not very good at it – I just do it for fun.

          I also create music using the computer. Here’s an example of something I made: http://dusthillguy.se/folder/files/quickupload/songdraft3.mp3 (please be aware that this mp3 contains some language that could be offensive to some people)

          While we’re at it, I really liked the ending music for the Watamote anime. That was a cute song.

          • Same here I love rap music from games bit of rock bit of ol school classical :)

        • I mainly listen to heavy metal… Black Sabbath, Eyehategod, etc. I think Tomoko could relate to angry sounding music lol.

  10. Wait, She’s trying to mimic a fart sound?? Ah….uh….that’s…..nevermind.

  11. Tanigawa Nico: “Thank you very much. I guess volume 8 will come out around this summer.”

  12. Chapter 78 is out.



    Kyabetsu Taro is NOT one of the most popular snack food in Japan. Maybe all boys have eaten it once at least, but I think a lot of girls don’t even know it exists. Tomoko’s choice here is funny.