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  1. Chapter 71 is out.

    Since the translations come out so fast nowadays, I’ll post my impression.

    I thought this chapter was great and it was worth waiting for. Especially, Tomoko and Komi were too cute in this chapter. They are always cute, though.

    It was a kinda surprise that a whole chapater was used even before Tomoko got to Kyoto. I mean good surprise. Apparently, the school trip arc will be long and we will see a lot of good chapters.



    Eigamura (Toei Kyoto Studio Park)

    The manga Tomoko reading on her phone.

    >reading Dragon Head on a train during a school trip

    • Man, thanks for pointing these out, otherwise half the smart references(like Dragon Head) would go over our heads completely.

      This was a sweet chapter, and it’s fitting that the pacing is taking its time for the Kyoto arc. I especially love that page where Tomoko is contemplating taking a seat with her classmates and thinking of what would happen until BAM – you reach the bottom and see it’s all just her thoughts. I love it when the artist does unconventional formatting like that.

    • Dragon head is a reality check manga I mean look what crazy stuff is happening webmaster!? As in The Word Today!

    • I did not know what Dragon Head was until now. Thanks for explaining that. Very funny reference.

    • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! Vol.6
      Watamote English Vol.6

      Yes, English version of Watamote comic Vol.6 will come out on 20th.

      I’ve already pre-ordered it along with the next issue of Gangan Joker that will come out on 22nd. The next week will be “Watamote Week” for me.

  2. Hello! Is there any news about when’s Watamote’s 71 issue comming out? I’ve been dying to read it!

    • last_panel_of_special_chapter_04

      January 15th in raw. The release date of the upcoming chapter is shown on the last panel of each chapter.

    • Although I’m not familiar with fan translations of manga, as far as I know, there is no official translation of Number Girl.

  3. Tanigawa Nico: “We wish you a Happy New Year.” “We would be grateful if you could support us again this year.”

    TN: “今年もよろしくお願いします / Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu” is one of the common greetings for new year.

    This girl is Serika Akai, the heroine of Choku!, Tanigawa Nico’s previous work.

    • Better late than never, xd. It’s a nice surprise to see Serika in the illustration, as Choku I really liked, so the fact that this series gets some attention is good. By the way, since you’ve been asked about Number Girl, you think about Choku? For my part I loved it, but it hurts a little to be as short as I would have liked to read a lot more chapters, besides that the chapters last went a little fast, but were well developed and had a good and nice finishing and I also think that this series should receive more attention as her younger sister Watamote.

    • About Choku!, I thought it was not bad, but not as good as Watamote. Nao and Akari are very cute, so it seems like moe manga. But as a gag manga, I thought the jokes were a little weak. I cannot explain it well in English, though.

      In my opinion, Watamote > Number Girl > Choku!

      • Thanks for giving your opinion. Indeed, Nao and Akai liked by good duo that formed especially for the nice couple that formed at the end, plus the humor of the series I also liked a lot, although I must admit I’m not very picky about what I read, then there may come our differences of opinion. So far I have not read any chapter of Number Girl, I’ve only seen the first episode, so I can not comment about it, hopefully some fansub take this series and so we can enjoy this series as well. By the way, you have some information about when it might be released the first volume of Tomomote ?, as it has been almost two years since it began its publication and still do not have a volume.

        • Although I don’t know when the first volume of Tomomote will be released, a Japanese fan says that the next issue of Gangan Joker will have colored pages of Tomomote and it might mean they will announce the release of the first volume.

          Tomomote is the chapter 21 in the latest issue and each chapter has from 4 to 6 pages, so it is possible that they will release the first volume within a few months.

          Do not have too much expectation. But I will inform you guys whether there is the announcement or not when the next issue will arrive my home.

          • Thank you very much for all the information has been very helpful. I’d wish to use the opportunity and announced the second season of Watamote, but honestly, I see this very unlikely, so with just the simple announcement of the publication of the first volume’ll be satisfied. Anyway I will be pending on 22 January to see what happens.

    • Happy new year Webmaster, and everyone who reads this page.

      I hope a lot of interesting things will happen in watamote this year.

    • Happy New Year’s Eve/day everyone! It’s still a few more hours until the new years here in U.S. as I write this. Looking forward to another year of Tomoko’s crazy antics.

    • Happy new year webmaster and everyone. Hopefully fortune smiles on tomoko this year…

    • Happy New Year, and I wish for more fantastic Watamote chapters and a plot development.

      Keep up the good work, Webmaster.

  4. Have you read Number Girl, Admin-san? Is it any good? And does it have more than one volume?

    • I have its comic vol.1 and I thought it was an ordinary 4-panel gag (and a little moe) manga, compared to Watamote. It’s not bad and at least it’s funny.

      The jokes have something in common with Watamote. But Number Girls are more innocent, ignorant and outspoken than Tomoko and they are usually in groups.

      You can read the chapter 1 of Number Girl in raw on the official site.

      They say comic vol.2 will come out soon and I think I will buy it.

      • I hope number girl will be translated some day. It looks interesting.

        By the way, webmaster, I’d like to ask you for a favour.
        I’m writing a song for a Japanese music contest. I need a Japanese title for my song, but of course I don’t know Japanese so I can’t come up with one myself.
        I want to call the song something like “I’m so glad that Chris Hooper is my friend”, or “I’m so happy Chris Hooper is my friend”, or something like that. The general idea is that I’m happy because Chris Hooper is my friend.
        If you don’t mind, could you translate my song title into Japanese?
        Sorry to bother you.

    • Oh my god, this is priceless. Looks like Tanigawa can’t escape the same muse that watches over Mokocchi. I wonder if this will make it to the plot.

      And also I feel really sorry for Tanigawa, I must admit I’m a big fan of KyoAni myself, and if I ever went to Kyoto I would definitely want to try to check out the shop and their studio. If this happened to me I’d be really pissed.

  5. X’mas Special Chapter 4 is out.

    DVD TITLE: “My High School Elder Sister and Black Tights”

    Tomoki: “That asshole…!”

    The last two pages of this chapter were very funny.

    The next chapter will come out on January 15th, 2015.

    • I am not sure how to interpret tomoko’s reaction to tomoki after she has seen the porn DVD. Is she scared of him? Or angry with him? Or is he jealous because she thinks he’s been looking at porn? What do you think, webmaster?

      • Argh sorry, I meant to write “is she jealous”. She, not he. Sorry about that.

      • I thought she was scared of him.

        Tomoko usually says that a brother must have sexual curiosity towards his sister, but in fact, she cannot stand being the object of sexual desire. (Refer to the chapter 43 that Tomoko asked Tomoki to show her his dick.)

        In the morning, she asked Tomoki a present and said she would give him a present in return. So she wore the santa costume fearfully and gave him her black tights that she thought he would be pleased.

        • Um that was so awkward webmaster but tomoki was disgusted by “that” DVD so I believe Tomoko is scared because of that

    • Yeah, I hope so too. I hope she ends up with another person who she can occasionally talk to, a bit like Nemoto. 非常に大きなペニス

  6. World-Three, the people scanlating Watamote from day one has closed it’s doors.

    How will we get our bi-weekly fix of Tomoko now?

    • According to a 4chan thread, it seems at least the translator will continue translating Watamote. Although I cannot provide any help, I really hope that we will enjoy Watamote together till the end.

      • Hi, this is me, Deven “Epicenter” Gallo.

        Don’t worry, the releases should continue as normal.

    • Well that’s depressing news. I really enjoyed reading their scanlations. Nothing I can do, guess I better hope by my second year of Japanese I can finally read the manga without too many gaps.

      • Let’s hope for a new translation group picking up Watamote and Bitter Change soon.

          • Hold on. Do you think we’ll get an official Volume 8 english comic in the future?

          • Yes, we will…. but it’ll probably take Yen Press a long time(probably 2016) to release the 8th volume in English.

  7. I love how the teacher just keeps trying to help Tomoko to become more outgoing and get some friends. Looking forward to the trip arc. What do you all think the teacher will do in future chapters?

  8. Chapter 69 is out.


    “Mornin'” “Wassup”

    Black Board: “School Trip Group, Group 4 : Kuroki (leader), Yoshida, Tamura”

    The next chapter will come out on December 4th.

    • What did you think of this chapter?

      I really like the homeroom teacher. She always puts Tomoko in the most awkward situations possible.

      • Oh, I forgot to mention, I thought Tomoko was really cute here:

        She has a cute smile.

      • Ogino (the teacher) did a good job again and three new characters were introduced (one of them was just a name though). This chapter itself was really fun, but I’m really looking forward to the school trip arc now.

  9. @guruman_: “Hello! I always enjoy reading Watamote! By the way, I have a question. What kind of school days did you spend?”

    Tanigawa Nico: “I wouldn’t feel anything at all if 80% of my classmates in my first year of high-school died. There were some people in my second and third year class who were kind to me. I spent that kind of high-school days.”

    @creamiyabi93: “Do you think that you will disclose the birthdays of the main characters of Watamote? I feel impatient that we cannot celebrate them.”

    Tanigawa Nico: “I’ve decided approximate dates, but haven’t decided exact dates yet. I may disclose them some day in the future.”

    TN: We already know that Yuu-chan’s birthday is March third from Tomomote chapter 2, and Tomoko’s birthday is about a week before Yuu-chan’s birthday from Watamote chapter 36.