Japanese fans’ reaction to Watamote Chapter 41

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13/05/16(木)15:27:04 No.19371576
I’m glad that Tomoki was not lonely.

13/05/16(木)15:43:29 No.193717204
Tomoki is popular among girls. So, Mokocchi’s face is over average as she says, isn’t it?

13/05/16(木)15:52:14 No.193717952
If she could reform her personality, but it is the hardest thing.

13/05/16(木)16:09:06 No.193719373
It’s scary that there is no scene that Tomoki’s classmates talked about this weird animal.


Japanese fans’ reaction to Watamote Chapter 40

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無念 Name としあき 13/04/18(木)16:44:18 No.186489115
Mokocchi is too passive.

無念 Name としあき 13/04/18(木)16:52:26 No.186490286
It’s too short!

無念 Name としあき 13/04/18(木)16:53:51 No.186490498
Although she goes to high school, she is preached by her teacher for having no friends.


Japanese fans’ reaction to Watamote Chapter 39

Thread Title:【谷川ニコ】私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い! 喪22
English Title: “Tanigawa Nico”, It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! No.22

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734 名前:名無しんぼ@お腹いっぱい[sage] 投稿日:2013/04/04(木) 12:08:30.88 ID:4Y87dYbP0
I’m glad that she remembers Mokocchi’s name LOL.

735 名前:名無しんぼ@お腹いっぱい[sage] 投稿日:2013/04/04(木) 12:09:03.72 ID:VBTIjSK8P
Finally, classmates recognized Mokocchi. But they use her name as a joke, Kuroki level.
It’s natural that she wears headphones and shut them down.

Furthermore, all of them don’t mean to offend her. It’s too much.

738 名前:名無しんぼ@お腹いっぱい[sage] 投稿日:2013/04/04(木) 12:15:01.55 ID:5olxGq2J0
The name like Nemo LOL.


Japanese fans’ reaction when Watamote anime adaptation announced

Thread Title:【谷川ニコ】私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い! 喪17
English Title: “Tanigawa Nico”, It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! No.17

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694 : 名無しんぼ@お腹いっぱい[sage] : 投稿日:2012/12/13 16:00:28 ID:EwVP2C2I0
A mysterious countdown has begun on the GanganOnline website today, Dec 13th.

GanganOnline also did countdown when Daily Lives of Highshchool boys became TV anime. This countdown will become Zero at 0:00 Dec 22th.

Is this about Watamote anime adaptation?

699 : 名無しんぼ@お腹いっぱい[sage] : 投稿日:2012/12/13 16:38:23 ID:QqoDUnS80
Let’s wait for Watamote anime without any clothes.