Japanese fans’ reaction to Watamote Chapter 41

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13/05/16(木)15:27:04 No.19371576
I’m glad that Tomoki was not lonely.

13/05/16(木)15:43:29 No.193717204
Tomoki is popular among girls. So, Mokocchi’s face is over average as she says, isn’t it?

13/05/16(木)15:52:14 No.193717952
If she could reform her personality, but it is the hardest thing.

13/05/16(木)16:09:06 No.193719373
It’s scary that there is no scene that Tomoki’s classmates talked about this weird animal.

13/05/16(木)16:12:00 No.193719605
Tomoki is too good to be her brother.
He was waiting for her while drinking juice, right?

13/05/16(木)16:17:07 No.193719994
I think that Tomoki would got 100 points before he gets home.

13/05/16(木)16:24:38 No.193720684
Did Mokocchi mean to masturbate in school?

13/05/16(木)16:47:23 No.193722796
If Mokocchi was honest and admitted she is an otaku, she could make friends.
But she has too much pride and wants to enter popular group.

13/05/16(木)16:52:40 No.193723276
I think this manga’s interesting point was that she was doing her best but she always failed.
But recently she has been doing just “game over” thing, and it’s boring.
If the author can make only this kind of work, he had better quit creating.

13/05/16(木)16:53:15 No.193723329
Why are you talking like Mokocchi?

13/05/16(木)16:53:39 No.193723374
Mokocchi talks like you.

13/05/16(木)16:53:53 No.193723395
Calm down, Mokocchi.