Japanese fans’ reaction when Tomoko’s VA announced

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無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:23:07 No.197348335
CV:Izumi Kitta

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:25:42 No.197348621
Is she the person of Cordelia?

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:26:44 No.197348746
Not Aoi? Nooo!!

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:26:45 No.197348747

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:30:23 No.197349178
If you don’t know her well, you can watch the anime without preconceptions.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:31:05 No.197349247
She is a lesbian and an old hag. Her favorite food is dumplings.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:31:53 No.197349329
Her hobbies?

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)02:33:27 No.197349492
>Her hobbies?
Yuri and dumplings.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)03:06:25 No.197352819
I’m afraid of remembering Kitta voice when I read Watamote doujins from now on.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)04:12:12 No.197357324
Half expectation, half anxiety.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)05:34:52 No.197360027
You guys, just wait till hearing her acting voice.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)05:47:11 No.197360312
I’m OK with her voice, but I’m worried about her hymen.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)06:44:08 No.197362134
Kitta is not a mock yuri voice actor, she is a real thing.
If she couldn’t voice from her hymen, she did it with a girl. So you don’t have to be worried.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)06:57:37 No.197362614
>Kitta is not a mock yuri voice actor, she is a real thing.
She is also a real thing, when playing card game.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)07:05:45 No.197362955
Queen of card game…
A real lesbian…
She is the best for Mokocchi.

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)07:13:51 No.197363311
I think she is playing a mock yuri for fan service.
Is she really a lesbian?

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)07:36:52 No.197364390
I’m tired of mock yuri voice actors.
How many of them are there before her?

無念 Name としあき 13/06/06(木)12:01:49 No.197383672
A real lesbian LOL
Are there any yuri VAs who married to woman?

2 thoughts on “Japanese fans’ reaction when Tomoko’s VA announced

  1. Mark my words. They will regret everything they said after watch those Soul Crushing scenes animated, I just hope the OST does justice to the scene to maximize the feelings.

  2. Wow, Japanese fans seem really critical and mean. I think the voice on the PV is great, it’s just like what I thought Tomoko’s voice should sound like.