Japanese fans’ reaction to the Watamote OVA

I translated some twitter comments of Japanese fans about the OVA. I think there are a lot of mistranslations though, please never mind.

“I watched the Watamote OVA and thought it was great because of the typical Oonuma’s direction. I want to watch ef now.”

“Although the TV anime was fun, why is the OVA with the Watamote vol.7 this boring? Maybe we cannot expect the second season by this quality.”

“The avant-title was good because of the taste of the TV anime. But the main story was kind of empty for 1 episode of anime. I think that they should have made some episodes into 1 anime episode like the TV anime.”


“The Watamote OVA was fun LOL.”


“The Watamote OVA was fun.”


“Suwabe-kun in the Watamote OVA! Kugimiya-san also in the OVA and I think the VAs are luxurious! It was fun and my stomach hurt LMAO! I’m glad that I bought this.”

“I bought the Watamote comic vol.7 limited edition with the OVA. This OVA was really fun! It was the completely original story and, surprisingly, the VA of the main boy characater of this story was Suwabe-san! Suwabe-san in Watamote!!”

“I watched the Watamote OVA (legally). I was confused with the first half because of the viewpoint of the new characeter. But when the second half started and I heard Tomoko’s voice, I felt kind of relieved. It was fun. BTW, I didn’t buy the blu-rays.”

“I watched the Watamote OVA and the avant-title was fun. Tomoko tried to make the second season of Watamote into “SoL yuri anime for moe pigs”, but Kii-chan told Tomoko the reality and it hurts for me too. This is my favorite of the Watamote anime so far.”

“The main story of the OVA was also fun. I think that this is the first time that we watch Watamote from other person’s viewpoint. But Komi-san’s screentime was short. So I will buy the next limited edition again without fail if they attach a new OVA to the comic vol.8.”

“I wached the Watamote OVA! I knew it was fun! I hope they will make the second season. The comic vol.7 was also great because Tomoko was bitch LOL. Tomoko is really adorable!


“The Watamote OVA is sooo good! Tomoko never changes LOL. I seriously hope that they will make the second season.”

Official Tweets

Takao Yoshioka (scriptwriter):
“I wrote the script of the Watamote OVA from the original draft written by Tanigawa Nico-sensei. However, the script of the meeting scene of the avant-title was completely written by Tanigawa-sensei! I must say at least this.”

“Was Aomatsu designed by Sensei? Is it possible that he will appear in the manga?”

Tanigawa Nico:
“I left the character design of Aomatsu to the anime staff. Especially because I hadn’t decided the design of his face yet.”

“I bought the limited edition! I’m very happy because I could watch talking Komi-chan in the anime. And Yuu-chan in the manga was an angle. Yuu-chan is so cute. I’m looking forward to your future work!!”

Tanigawa Nico:
“Thank you. I also didn’t think that we could watch her in the anime.”

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