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Tomoko Kuroki: Izumi Kitta
Tomoki Kuroki: Yūichi Nakamura, Seri Akiko (childhood)
Yū-chan (Yuu Naruse): Kana Hanazawa
Kī-chan: Rie Kugimiya
Tomoko’s mother: Risa Hayamizu
Tomoko’s father: Ryō Iwasaki
Okada (classmate): Ayaka Asai
Nemoto (classmate): Yūko Kurose
Ōmatsu (classmate): Kanami Satō
Kiyota (classmate): Kengo Takanashi
Suzuki (classmate): Shūhei Iwase
Tomoko’s teacher (first year): Yoshihisa Kawahara
PE teacher (Ogino): Sanae Nakata
Hatsushiba: Tomokazu Sugita
Kosaka: Jun Fukushima
Jun Ishimine (voice actor): Kōsuke Toriumi
Megumi Imae: Ai Nonaka
Kotomi Komiyama: Kaori Mizuhashi
Aomatsu: Junichi Suwabe


Original work: Nico Tanigawa
Director: Shin Ōnuma
Story editor: Takao Yoshioka
Character design & General animation director: Hideki Furukawa
Art director: Maki Morio
Cinematographer: Kazuya Iwai
Color design: Miyuki Kohata
Editor: Kentarō Tsubone
Director of audiography: Tetsu Motoyama
Music: Sadesper Record
Music Produced by: Media Factory
Produced by: Watamote production committee

Episode List

01: モテないし、ちょっとイメチェンするわ
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Change My Image a Bit”
02: モテないし、昔の友達に会う
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll See My Old Friend”
03: モテないし、悪天候
“Since I’m Not Popular, the Weather’s Bad”
04: モテないし、ちょっといい夢見るわ
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Have a Good Dream”
05: モテないし、スキルアップしてみる
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Boost My Skills”
06: モテないし、花火に行く
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Go See the Fireworks”
07: モテないし、夏休みを満喫する
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Enjoy Summer Vacation”
08: モテないし、見栄をはる
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Put on Airs”
09: モテないし、夏が終わる
“Since I’m Not Popular, Summer Will End”
10: モテないし、二学期が始まる
“Since I’m Not Popular, Second Term Is Starting”
11: モテないし、文化祭に参加する
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Participate in the Culture Festival”
12: モテないし、将来を考える
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Think About the Future”
13 (OVA): モテないし、謎めいてみる
“Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll Act Enigmatically”

Airing Schedule

TV Tokyo: from July 8th, on Mondays 2:05 (26:05) ~
TV Aichi: from July 9th, on Tuesdays 2:35 (26:35) ~
TV Osaka: from July 12th, on Fridays 2:40 (26:40) ~
RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting: from August 4th, on Sundays 1:50 (25:50) ~
AT-X: from July 9th,
on Tuesdays 23:00 ~,
on Thursdays 11:00 ~,
on Sundays 5:00 ~,
on Mondays 17:00 ~
NicoNico Douga: from July 13th, on Saturdays 0:30 (24:30) ~

WEB Radio

Title: Watamote RADIO
Radio Personality: Izumi Kitta
Distributed on: Hibiki Radio Station
Distribution schedule: from July 16th, on Tuesdays

Theme songs

Opening Theme: 「私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い」
(No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular.)

Song:Konomi Suzuki n’ Kiba of Akiba
Lyrics&Music:Kiba of Akiba

Ending Theme #1
(EP01, EP03, EP04, EP07, EP08, EP09, EP10, EP12, EP13):
(No Matter How I Look at It, It’s Not My Fault.)

Song:Tomoko Kuroki (CV:Izumi Kitta)
Lyrics:Aki Hata
Music:Kōshirō Fukumoto

Ending Theme #2
(A Love Song of Daydream)

Lyrics:Emily Minamino
Arrangement:Dai Murai

Ending Theme #3
「夜のとばりよ さようなら」
(Gathering Dusk, Good-bye)

Music:Kōshirō Fukumoto
Arrangement:Yōichirō Yasumoto

Ending Theme #4
(Summer Festival)

Lyrics:Jinta Haya
Music:Jinta Haya
Arrangement:UtsuP and Minatsuki Tōka (PandoristP)

Ending Theme #5
(A balloon from an unknown animal costume and me)

Song:Velvet,Kodhy and μ
Lyrics, Music & Arrangement:Shingo Yamazaki

Inserted song #1
(Gleaming Daily Lives)

Lyrics:Emily Minamino
Music:Shūji Katayama

Inserted song #2
「Fly to dark」

Song:Yū Oda
Lyrics:Meiko Yamamoto
Music & Arrangement:Minori Kojima


Interview with Izumi Kitta


What did you think when you heard Watamote would be animated?
I was so glad! Because when I was reading the manga on a train alone, I could not keep from laughing. I was very embarrassing then, too. I was looking forward to see Tomoko moving and talking, because she was too adorable!

About your role, where do you think you will place an importance when you act as Tomoko?
She has a very dirty mouth. So I’ll be careful not to make her just an awful girl grumbling. I would like to make her a cute girl pretending to be tough, in order to be loved by everyone.

Please give some kind advice to Tomoko, who is struggling everyday.
Tomoko, I was also shy and timid in front of people before. I was hiding behind my mom when I made an order because I couldn’t speak with a sales clerk. But look at me now! I can speak, sing, and dance in front of people!!! So you are also OK. There’s no need to rush.

In the end, please give a message to fans who are looking forward to Watamote broadcasting.
I’m sure that everyone laughs when they read the manga. Such a manga, Watamote is going to be animated!! I’m dying because Tomoko is too adorable. Please enjoy Watamote world that is too pitiful in a good way, I mean it is too fun.


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